Dark Screams: Volume 7 ebook will include a McCammon story

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Apr 232017

Brian James Freeman posted this announcement on his site a few days ago:


Richard Chizmar and I have once again joined forces with the cutting edge team at Hydra, a division of Random House, to produce five more volumes in our acclaimed Dark Screams horror eBook anthology series! Each volume collects stories by the best authors working in the business today, and we’re pleased to announce that Dark Screams: Volume Seven will be published on July 25, 2017!About the Book:
Robert McCammon, Brian Hodge, James Renner, Kaaron Warren, Bill Schweigart, and Mick Garris reveal sinister secrets and unsavory pasts in a haunting anthology of short stories collected by acclaimed horror editors Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar.WEST OF MATAMOROS, NORTH OF HELL by Brian Hodge
After the success of their latest album, Sebastián, Sofia, and Enrique head to Mexico for a shoot under the statue of Santa Muerte. But they have fans south of the border who’d kill to know where they get their inspiration.

LIZARDMAN by Robert McCammon
The lizardman thinks he knows about all the mysterious dangers of the Florida swamps, but there are things lurking in the bayou that are older and deadlier than his wildest dreams.

Although every child dreams of visiting Hundred-Acre Wood, only one has ever actually frolicked that fabled forest—and survived.

FURTHEREST by Kaaron Warren
She’s been going to the beach since she was a child, daring the other kids to go out past the dunes where those boys died all those years ago. Now she realizes that the farther out you go, the harder it is to come back.

THE EXPEDITION by Bill Schweigart
On a quest to bring glory to the Führer, Lieutenant Dietrich Drexler leads his team into the ruins of the Carpathian Mountains. But the wolf that’s stalking them is no ordinary predator.

SNOW SHADOWS by Mick Garris
A schoolteacher’s impulsive tryst with a colleague becomes a haunting lesson in tragedy and terror when he’s targeted for revenge by an unlikely, unhinged rival.

Purchase the eBook:
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German edition of Speaks the Nightbird is available now

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Jan 302017

German publisher Luzifer has published book one (of two) of their German translation of Speaks the Nightbird, the first book in Robert McCammon’s Matthew Corbett series. The book is available as an ebook today. A print edition will be available in the next few days. You can read more about the release on the Luzifer website.

The ebook can also be ordered for Kindle from Amazon DE.


Last Train from Perdition ebooks are now available

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Oct 312016

The ebook editions of Robert McCammon‘s new novella, Last Train from Perdition: I Travel by Night, Book Two, are now available in the U.S. and Canada. The book is also available in trade hardcover from Subterranean Press.

Last Train from Perdition (2016)
I Travel by Night, Book Two
Kindle | NOOK | Kobo | iTunes
Kindle CA | Kobo CA


Io Viaggio di Notte ebook is available for pre-ordering now

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Jun 232016

Italian publisher Independent Legions Publishing is publishing a translation of I Travel by Night on July 15, 2016. The Kindle ebook edition can be preordered now at a discounted price from Amazon IT.

Here’s what Independent Legions posted about the book:

Da oggi, fino al 14 Luglio, è preordinabile su Amazon, a prezzo scontato (€ 7,99 contro € 8,99), l’edizione digitale del breve romanzo ‘Io Viaggio di Notte’ di Robert McCammon, pubblicato in lingua originale nel 2013  (I Travel by Night), primo titolo della nuova serie vampirica dell’autore con protagonista il vampiro avventuriero Trevor Lawson.  L’edizione cartacea del libro sarà disponibile entro il mese di Luglio 2016 (al prezzo di copertina di € 14,90). L’opera è arricchita da dieci illustrazioni di Giampaolo Frizzi, che ha realizzato anche l’illustrazione di copertina.

Print editions are expected by the end of July 2016. The book includes ten illustrations by Giampaolo Frizzi, who also did the cover illustration. The translation is by Alberto Priora.


Freedom of the Mask release day!

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May 312016

Robert McCammon’s Freedom of the Mask, book six in the Matthew Corbett series, is available now! While Subterranean Press began shipping books a couple of weeks ago, the ebook and audiobook editions are now available. If you purchase the Kindle ebook, you can add the Audible audiobook for only $1.99 more!

I hope to have an audiobook giveaway later this week. Stay tuned!

Regarding the trade edition from Amazon, it shows as “Temporarily Out of Stock.” I checked in with Bill at Subterranean this morning, and he said that Amazon’s carrier was late picking up their shipments, so Amazon should have the books soon, if they don’t already.

Amazon update: As of June 1, Amazon US is showing “In stock on June 5, 2016.”


Updates from Subterranean Press

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Apr 212016

Subterranean Press issued two updates this morning:


Cyber Monday ebook sales

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Nov 302015

Open Road Media has placed several Robert McCammon ebooks on sale for Cyber Monday today:

The audiobooks of Robert McCammon‘s They Thirst and The Providence Rider are specially-priced at $1.99 at Audible today for Cyber Monday! At least, that’s what shows up for me. Over 400 other audiobooks are on sale for $4.95 today.

Robert McCammon audiobooks at Audible.com

May 292015

The Border audiobookThe ebook edition of The Border is now available from Amazon CA! It’s also available for Kobo in Canada. The audiobook edition should be available on Monday, June 1.

There have been a number of blog reviews posted recently; here are some of them: