GraphicAudio sale for The Wolf’s Hour set

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Jun 272015

The GraphicAudio The Wolf’s Hour CD set is on sale for 25% off the regular price until June 30, 2015. The 21-CD set includes their adaptations of The Wolf’s Hour and The Hunter from the Woods. The sale price is $59.97 for the 24 hours of audio.

The Wolf’s Hour CD set from GraphicAudio

GraphicAudio productions feature a narrator, music, sound effects, and full voice casts. Their slogan is “A Movie in Your Mind.”


Subterranean Press to publish Freedom of the Mask

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Jun 242015

Subterranean Press tweeted the following this morning:

Very happy to announce we’ll be publishing ‘s FREEDOM OF THE MASK, Matthew Corbett no. six. It’s a long adventure at 180kwords

It will be published sometime in 2016, though no exact date has been announced yet.


Subterranean Press: Blue World has been sent to the printers

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Jun 232015

Subterranean Press posted that Blue World has been sent to the printers. The signed, limited edition hardcover is still available in both states, numbered (1,000 copies) and lettered (52 copies). It is due in August 2015. You can pre-order a copy from Subterranean Press on their site.

Subterranean Press is also publishing a trade paperback edition of Blue World in September, along with trade paperback editions of They Thirst and The Hunter from the Woods. They also have a specially-priced, signed set of all three paperbacks that can be pre-ordered here.


Unabridged Gone South audiobook is now available

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Jun 062015

The unabridged audiobook edition of Gone South is now available from Simon & Schuster Audio. The audiobook is read by George Newbern, who also narrated the recent unabridged audiobook of Boy’s Life. A sample can be heard on the Audible product page for Gone South.

The audiobook can also be purchased via Amazon US and Amazon UK.

May 292015

The Border audiobookThe ebook edition of The Border is now available from Amazon CA! It’s also available for Kobo in Canada. The audiobook edition should be available on Monday, June 1.

There have been a number of blog reviews posted recently; here are some of them:



Booklist reviews The Border

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May 222015

Here’s the Booklist review of The Border, now shipping from Subterranean Press!

Cover for The Border by Robert McCammon.Booklist:  McCammon’s latest novel is a thrilling sf adventure. Two powerful, mysterious alien races are at war; Earth is caught in the middle, collateral damage. The planet is devastated, its people made nearly extinct. Those who have survived the catastrophic destruction caused by the alien war are succumbing to fallout from the battle, which is turning them into half-human creatures preying on those who are still human. Mankind seems doomed, but there is one small hope: a young boy who possesses powers that could save humanity. The problem is, the warring alien races might just prefer that humanity go extinct. Can this boy, who barely understands his own abilities, save the race? This is a very ambitious novel, an epic-scaled story of perseverance and survival in the face of monstrous odds. McCammon brings his usual storytelling gifts to the table: his ability to create characters who feel real, no matter how unreal the situations they find themselves in; dialogue that rings true; and a story that captures our imaginations from the very first page.