Robert McCammon’s The Listener: Coming from Cemetery Dance in February 2018!

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Mar 312017

Cemetery Dance Publications posted a news update today from Richard Chizmar that includes this relevant, exciting news!

Not only do we have TWO very special (unannounced) signed Limited Editions from Robert McCammon deep in production to be published this year (and they are very unique books that have never seen print in this format before!), but I’m thrilled to report that in February 2018 we’ll be publishing one of our most important releases ever: THE LISTENER by Robert McCammon, a breathtaking new novel that will not only please his longtime fans but also captivate readers who have somehow missed out on his previous work. This one feels like a game changer to everyone who has read it.

Simply put, this is one of the finest novels I’ve read in years. Period. THE LISTENER will be published in trade hardcover and eBook formats for general readers, but we also have some incredible plans for the signed editions as well. Stay tuned for complete details over the next year as we gear up to publish this novel in a major way.

As Rich says, stay tuned for complete details over the next year!

You can read all of Rich’s news from today here.

Mar 132017

German publisher Luzifer Verlag recently published volume one of their translation of Robert McCammon’s Speaks the Nightbird. You can read more about Matthew Corbett und die Hexe von Fount Royal on the Luzifer Verlag blog. Volume two is planned for release in early 2018.

Luzifer Verlag has also acquired the German translation rights to The Queen of Bedlam (book two of the Matthew Corbett series) and The Border. It’ll be a while before publication details are available, but we’ll keep you posted as they happen!

Amazon DE link for the hardcover edition

Amazon DE link for the Kindle edition


Announcing the 30th anniversary signed, limited edition of Swan Song

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Feb 212017

From Subterranean Press:

SWAN SONG IS COMING! (And this edition is sold out now!)

Swan Song by Robert McCammon

We’re pleased to announce the thirtieth anniversary signed limited edition of one of the most celebrated epic apocalypse novels of them all: Robert McCammon’s sf/horror extravaganza, Swan Song. At only 552 copies total, in an edition that will not be reprinted, we expect the print run to sell quickly.

About the Book:

First published as a paperback original in 1987, Robert McCammon’s Stoker Award-winning Swan Songremains one of the signature horror novels of its era. Set squarely in the tradition of such post-apocalyptic classics as The Stand, Alas, Babylon and, more recently, The Road, Swan Song invites us to witness the fiery end of civilization – and its bloody, brutal aftermath.

The story begins with a devastating nuclear exchange, the culmination of humanity’s ancient “love affair with fire.” As the world devolves into a toxic wasteland marked by acid rain, dwindling food supplies, and an endless nuclear winter, a large cast of characters struggle to rebuild their lives in a barren, utterly hostile landscape. Among the more memorable of these are Sister Creep, a former bag lady, Josh Hutchins, a wrestler once known as “Black Frankenstein,” Roland Croniger, a young boy who learns to become a savage killer, and the terrifying, possibly demonic “Man with the Scarlet Eye.” Most centrally, Swan Song tells the story of Sue Wanda Prescott, AKA Swan, whose nascent ability to restore the health of the ravaged earth may, in time, lead to the salvation of the human species.

Thirty years after its initial appearance, Swan Song continues to entertain and enthrall. An epic feat of storytelling, it gazes without flinching into the horrors of the nuclear abyss. At the same time, it offers a compelling vision of rebirth and renewal, of hope maintained under impossible circumstances. Readers new to this novel are in for an extraordinary experience. Returning readers will find themselves caught up once again in a moving, beautifully constructed tale. Swan Song is one of those all too rare books that will take over your life for an extended period. Like the best of McCammon’s fiction, it offers the sort of sustained thrills and complex pleasures that only a master novelist can provide.

Edition Details:

  • Oversize 7*10 inch trim size
  • Limited to 500 numbered and 52 lettered copies in a one time printing
  • An epic wraparound dust jacket
  • Eight full-color illustrations, a mix of full-page and gatefold images by David Ho
  • The Lettered edition will feature an exclusive gatefold illustration
  • The Limited edition will be slipcased, while the lettered edition will be housed in a custom traycase

Order your copy before supplies run out.

March 13, 2017, update: Both editions sold out the very first day they went on sale. If you missed out and are interested in a copy, you might try subscribing to the Subterranean Press mailing list. They sometimes find that there are additional copies available after orders ship (due to cancelled orders, etc).


German edition of Speaks the Nightbird is available now

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Jan 302017

German publisher Luzifer has published book one (of two) of their German translation of Speaks the Nightbird, the first book in Robert McCammon’s Matthew Corbett series. The book is available as an ebook today. A print edition will be available in the next few days. You can read more about the release on the Luzifer website.

The ebook can also be ordered for Kindle from Amazon DE.


New GraphicAudio release: Trevor Lawson 2: Last Train from Perdition

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Dec 292016

GraphicAudio has released their audio adaptation of Robert McCammon’s Trevor Lawson 2: Last Train from Perdition. GraphicAudio productions feature a narrator, a voice cast, music, and sound effects to bring stories to life (“A Movie in Your Mind,” as their slogan says).

The production is available as an audio download in various formats, and it is also available on audio CD, combined with I Travel by Night, which was not previously available on CD.

Trevor Lawson 2: Last Train from Perdition at GraphicAudio

From their website:

2 : Last Train from Perdition

by Robert McCammon

Release Date: Dec 28, 2016
Approximate Running Time: 3 Hours
Content Rating: Ages 18+

In I Travel by Night, master of horror Robert McCammon introduced the tortured and instantly unforgettable vampire adventurer Trevor Lawson—All Matters Handled—as he searched for his maker, LaRouge, in hope of becoming human once more. It wove a tale about the terrors of the Dark Society, featuring the gothic sensibilities of old New Orleans, and the unforgiving violence of the untamed frontier of 1886. Now McCammon returns to Lawson’s gripping journey and sends him West, in the chilling sequel novella Last Train from Perdition.

Ever on the hunt for LaRouge, Lawson still travels by night, but no longer alone. Crack-shot, whip-smart Ann has become his companion, on her own search for her vampire-taken father and sister. Lawson has been summoned from New Orleans and the Hotel Sanctuaire to Omaha by a wealthy man who needs his son retrieved from a band of outlaws. Lawson and Ann agree to take the case and travel to the town of Perdition where they find their prey—but things get complicated fast when a saloon shootout leaves an innocent girl badly injured.

On a night train from Perdition to Helena to find medical help, it soon becomes clear that Lawson and Ann’s enemies may also be looking to prey upon them. As they struggle against those forces of darkness with a trainload of their most unlikely allies yet, Lawson also wages battle with the darkness LaRouge left within him. This latest installment in Trevor Lawson’s battle for redemption finds bestselling McCammon at his thrilling best.


Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India: The Robert McCammon Course

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Dec 162016

File this under “Too cool.” Well, I think it’s cool.

Back in October, I received a message from a graduate student in the English department at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. She told me that she was taking a course about Robert McCammon’s work and wanted to interview Mr. McCammon for her term paper.

The professor who set the course up, Prodosh Bhattacharya, contacted me recently and has graciously provided a written account of how the course came to be and the challenges faced. You can read his account here.

Here is the syllabus for the course:

Syllabus for the Robert McCammon course (tentative):

Early phase: Usher’s Passing, The Deep End, ‘Best Friends’. (The first is a novel, the second a novella, and the third a short story).

Transition phase:  TheWolf’s Hour, ‘Black Boots’, ‘A Life in the Day of’, ‘On a Beautiful Summer’s Day, He Was’, (the first is a novel, the other three are short stories).

Later phase: Boy’s Life, Speaks the Nightbird, The Queen of Bedlam, Gone South, I Travel by Night. (All novels)

Texts by other authors that have to be read as influences on McCammon (no questions will be set directly on these):
‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ by Edgar Allan Poe.
Where Eagles Dare by Alistair Maclean.
The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan.
The Crucible by Arthur Miller.
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle.
The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe.

They also have a Facebook group: Special Author: Robert McCammon

Thank you to Prodosh and Ms. Sapui for all of the information about the course!


Cover for book one of German Speaks the Nightbird

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Nov 162016

Back in March, we announced that German publisher Luzifer had acquired the rights to publish a German translation of Speaks the Nightbird, the first book in Robert McCammon’s Matthew Corbett series. Artist Michael Schubert posted the cover art for book one on Facebook today.

The book is planned for 2017. You can read more about the release here.


TV Spottings: Boy’s Life in Rizzoli & Isles

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Nov 142016

McCammon fan Casey recently sent me this screenshot from the TV show Rizzoli & Isles in which you can spot the hardcover edition of Boy’s Life on the shelf behind Angie Harmon as “Rizzoli.”

Rizzoli & Isles
Season 1, Episode 2
“Boston Strangler Redux”
–Starts around the 31:20 mark, lasts about 10 or so seconds, about 2 or 3 views of it on the bookshelf behind the Rizzoli character.
According to IMDB, this episode aired July 19, 2010.




In case you’ve never seen it before, a copy of Stinger showed up on a shelf in the second episode of season four of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer:



Georgian publisher acquires rights to Boy’s Life

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Nov 042016

From the Donald Maass Agency:

Georgian rights to Robert McCammon’s BOY’S LIFE, to Books In Batumi, by Nada Cipranic at Prava I Prevodi, in association with Katie Shea Boutillier on behalf of Cameron McClure.

This will mark the first publication of Boy’s Life in Georgia. Publishing house Books in Batumi was founded in the western part of Georgia, in Batumi. The main priority of the publishing house is to publish and popularize Sci-Fi titles in Georgia.