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I wanted to say that while I live in Switzerland, I have been living in Indonesia teaching English and just came over to California shortly to see my family. I was in my old house on the ranch cleaning and opening the place. I found a book that I had bought years back but had not read. BOY'S LIFE. I could not put it down and it touched me in your style of poetic word use, insight through content and all around it was a remarkable book.I hope you do not mind that I have told your three strings at the bar joke numerously, and will use it as a visual in my art while teaching the villagers English... I have since purchased Swan Song and am taking it back to Indonesia with me to read.
When I return to Switzerland in end of September I wish to purchase most of your collection up to present.
Thank you from one artist to the next. Hey man YOU are a genius....
Best wishes on your journey.
Jim Wilkinson

James R. Wilkinson
Interlaken, Switzerland - 31-JUL-2002 22:19 CST

I'm visiting this site because my friend, Robert McCoy, recomended it. I am really impressed with the comments of your fans about your books and plan on purchasing some of them soon.

Doug Barnett
Concord, CA USA - 29-JUL-2002 10:26 CST

Hey Rick--It is so great to know that you are BACK. Although Orson Scott Card is and always will be my fave writer, You wrote my favorite book ever when you wrote GONE SOUTH. I read this beautiful book for the first time about 10 years ago. I read it front cover to back and started again. Then, I read it again 2 weeks later! I've never experienced a book quite like it. Anyways, I mention this book to every one I meet (including OSC who agrees that it is a brilliant book.) and insist that they read it. Some love it, My mother-in-law hated it. But I am so happy to know that a new book is coming, cos Mr. Mcgammon, sir, you just keep getting better!

elko, nv USA - 28-JUL-2002 14:15 CST

Bob, it's good to have you back. I am looking forward to September and the new book. Any chance that you might be doing some promotional signing sessions over here in the not to distant future?

Chris Donaldson
London, United Kindom - 26-JUL-2002 12:14 CST

I don't know if I want to read this book.......I'm afraid it'll be another ten years before a new one comes out, then what'll I do, huh? I have to savor this! Welcome back Robert!!!! Oh, and thanx for unretiring.

John Helba
Weirton, WV USA - 23-JUL-2002 19:02 CST

Splendid site. Full of info on one of my all-time fave writers. Can't wait for Speaks the Nightbird.

Keep up the very fine work!

Matt Williams

Matt Williams
Newport, Gwent, UK - 23-JUL-2002 12:15 CST

Finally sat down with Google to find you - was afraid I was going to have to look in the obits... glad not only to see that I was in error but that you have a new book in the wings. Have read all your works repeatedly and have gotten my oldest daughter interested in them too; we look forward to hearing more from you.

Steve Marshall
Niles, Mi USA - 21-JUL-2002 20:05 CST

I have only read one of Robert McCammon's books, but I've read that one at least 5 times. That book is Swan Song. I realize that he doesn't want this book to be the pinnacle of his career as a writer, however, it is the one book that most of the people on this site first read of his. I wish there could be a sequel to Swan Song as well as I believe that you could write a whole book of what happened after we left Swan last. Throw in 'Friend' and a few twists and it would be a most fascinating novel. Maybe if I keep my fingers crossed ......
I have visited this site and I think I will go on to read more of McCammon's novels. Maybe there will be another 5 time reader in there.

Crystal Jensen
USA - 19-JUL-2002 19:55 CST

Just wanted to add my 2 cetns about how exiciting it is to see a new book coming out. I'm off to tell all my friends and fellow McCammon fans about it and this fantastic site. The new book looks wonderful I can't wait to add it to my collection.
Hunter, this site is wonderful. thanks for posting it on the Yahoo club for all of us old timers to see.

OH USA - 19-JUL-2002 08:01 CST

First off, I'd like to say Welcome Back, Robert! I know 10 years is a long time, but I hope you've recouped enough to keep writing for the next 1,000 years! LOL =)

Second, any thoughts about writing a sub series devoted to the "missing" 7 years of Swan Song? I'm just DYING to know what happened in those 7 years!

Third, I cannot wait until Sept. 1st!!! HURRY UP, AUGUST...GET OVER, ALREADY! =)

Fourth, did I mention WELCOME BACK? =)

Well, that's about all I can say at the moment.
For the rest, my favorite book I've ever read is Swan Song.
To this day, I give out about 4 copies a year to friends who like to read. I've got about 42 paperback copies left, so I guess I'd better stock up. So far (for those who've also read The Stand by that "other" author), Swan Song has beat it into the ground! =)
Anyone else interested in the "missing" 7 years of Swan Song? Hope so! Maybe Robert will write them someday! =)
Have a great day!

Robert Miles
IN USA - 17-JUL-2002 08:49 CST

I will read this author because Sly says he's the BEST!

Garden Grove, CA USA - 16-JUL-2002 23:58 CST

You are officially my favorite writer! I have read "Mine," "Boy's Life," "Gone South," and am in the middle of "Usher's Passing." I am only 15, and before February had never heard of you. My uncle gave me a copy of "Mine," and after I finished it I had to continue my journey through your imagination. So I went to the library and was dissappointed to see that they had only 5 of your books. I've since then bought them all, and when friends ask me for a good read, I give the one of your books. Thank you for entertaining me, and mostly, giving me lessons on life.

Brittany K.
Toledo, Ohio USA - 16-JUL-2002 15:27 CST

I just finished reading Boy's Life for my summer reading at for my school. I think that this book was AMAZING!!!! The whole way the book was presented was great. Robert Macammon is one of the best authors I have ever read a book bye verty good work. If you want to read a good book read Boy's Life. IF ANYONE KNOWS IF THERE IS A MOVIE TO THIS BOOK PLEASE E-MAIL ME

Clifford Couvillon
chalmette, LA USA - 15-JUL-2002 11:38 CST

Great of my top three favorites, and I am glad to see he is publishing new material. I don't care in which genre this man writes, he's good and I'll read whatever he publishes. Period.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA - 15-JUL-2002 09:57 CST

I am thrilled to see that you are writing again. I am a voracious reader, and have been anxiously awaiting your next book. Stephen King doesn't hold a candle to you. I have all your books and reread them on a regular basis. Swan's Song, Wolf's Hour, and Mystery Walk are among my favorites. It will be a pleasure to read your next book, and I eagerly await any other new titles that you submit for our reading pleasure. I hope there are many, many new books by you in my future.

Windsor Locks, CT USA - 11-JUL-2002 05:19 CST

Thank you so much for coming back!!! I have loved your books, and have them all in either the original hardbacks or the paperbacks (your earliest novels). You have no idea how much I've missed reading your books! I love horror and suspense books, and although Stephen King will always be my favorite (no offense), you have always been my second favorite, in front of other phenomenal writers like Peter Straub, Clive Barker, and Dan Simmons. (I won't compare you to authors like Dean R. Koontz, John Saul, or the like because you surpassed them long, long ago.) I am so excited that you have a new book out, and I will be at the bookstore on the drop date to buy it. I might even buy two or three extra copies to give as gifts if that will help encourage you to keep writing. I know you have your own life and you owe nothing to anyone but yourself, but you are one of my favorite authors and you are definitely the one I've missed the most. Please don't stay away again so long if you can help it. Best of luck to you, and thank you again! You have made me extremely happy!!!


Tommy Marx
High Point, NC USA - 8-JUL-2002 16:30 CST

My husband and I have been devoted fans since reading Wolfs Hour many years ago... but Swan Song is my favorite one to date... So excited about the new book... Thank you for sharing your talent. . .

Creswell, OR USA - 8-JUL-2002 13:16 CST

Mr. McCammon - I am a HUGE fan of yours and am looking forward to meeting you at one of the book signings coming up in Birmingham. I have always felt a special link to you while reading your work because I love the little Alabama references that you throw in - they always make me smile! And although I have my favorites of your past works like your other fans, I also greatly respect your decision to branch out and not get locked into the "horror writer" category. I think you are talented beyond belief and will shine in any area in which you choose to write. I just hope that for both yourself and your true fans, you will not let your love of writing fall to the wayside after getting burned in the past by close-minded people in the writing field. You have too much talent to keep it hidden from the rest of the world!! I have really missed you the last several years and am glad to see that you published "Speaks the Nightbird." I look forward to once again taking a trip through your imagination. Thank you for sharing with us!
Hunter - you are doing a wonderful job with this site! Thank you for sharing the old Lights Out! issues with those of us that did not find McCammon until after that time. Those are wonderful! Keep up the great work!

Christy Davis
Birmingham,, AL USA - 5-JUL-2002 08:02 CST

I'm a screenwriter originally from Birmingham, AL and have read all of Mr. McCammon's books. He continues to be an inspiration to me and knowing that Frank Darabont is adapting "Mine" this will definately have Hollywood finally waking up and producing his other novels into great cinema. I read a draft of "Boy's Life" a few years ago and it was a good script. Anyway, keep up the good work, don't stop writing, screw the critics, and maybe one day you'll let me adapt one of your books. (lol)

Eddie Lavett
Hollywood, CA USA - 5-JUL-2002 01:59 CST

I am a big fan of Joe R. Lansdale. On his site I saw an interview with Robert. Great interview. So I decided to pick up one of his books. I picked up blue world at a used book store. I am not even finished with it and I already love the guy. What a book it is. So far my favorite story is Pin. great story. All of them are great, but that is my favorite so far. I am hooked now. Can't wait to finish so I can read more.

madison, wi USA - 3-JUL-2002 20:22 CST

At a time in my life that seemed to be only getting worse, I read that Mr.McCammon had new book. Just as in most his books, if you keep the faith, it will happen.
Thank you so much for so many years of hope and enjoyment!

Angela M. Clair
Omaha, Ne USA - 1-JUL-2002 16:59 CST

I haven't looked online for any information about McCammon, not since that awful notice appeared on the website. I, too, had heard that he had retired, and was heartily disappointed. Just for the hell of it, I went looking for information today. Wow!!! This is some of the greatest news I have heard in a long time. I was really worried there for awhile, worried that McCammon might never publish again. I'm excited about Speaks the Nightbird, and can't wait to read it. I'm sure it's going to be right up there with McCammon's best writing (in my opinion, Boy's Life) and his most page-turning work (in my opinion, Swan Song). I'd also do cartwheels if I heard about things like feature films in the works... but I'd be happier if I heard that McCammon changed his mind altogether about retiring. When someone writes as well as he does, seeing him give it up is a pitiful and unfortunate happening.

rav (Michelle)
Halifax, NS CANADA - 1-JUL-2002 14:19 CST

I just like to say thanks for writing such good books.I hope your new book is as good as the others.

Jonas Andersson
Strömstad, Sweden - 1-JUL-2002 12:49 CST

I am thrilled that you finally found a publisher again. I was at your reading of one of your books you were working on at the time. The reading took place at U.A.B. I was so nervous about finally meeting you that I sent my husband up to have my book signed. That book holds a place of pride in my home. I will be at your book signing on September 9 at The Alabama Booksmith. I look forward to reading another of your wonderful books. All have been read and reread several times, with Swan Song being my favorite. Thank you for finally getting back into the game.

Tracey Byram
Hueytown, AL United States of America - 28-JUN-2002 17:53 CST

I love McCammon's books! (Swan Song is my favorite!) I was very disappointed last year when someone in a book store told me that Mr. McCammon had retired and was no longer writing. I'm so thrilled to see he is releasing a new book this year. I look forward to adding it to my library. If you read this Mr. McCammon, thank you so very much for your books. They have given me many hours of enjoyment. I wish you good health and long life.

Stephanie Hastings
Franklin, KY USA - 27-JUN-2002 21:37 CST

Although I have haven't read all of his books (I'm working on it)every one I have read have been great. Mr. McCammon please keep them coming.

Ken R.
Springfield, MA USA - 26-JUN-2002 18:13 CST

Dear Mr. Mccammon your book Swan Song is the best book I;v ever read. Would you please send me a signed photo if you find the time?
Thank you Nikki V.

Nikki V.
St.Petersburg, Fla USA - 25-JUN-2002 11:58 CST

The Wolf's Hour, best book I've ever read. 4 times now. I wonder is there any plans for sequel or screen adaptation? Hope so. I'm sure I'll read it again in the future. Great writing! Swan Song was great too!

dave zeeb
calgary, ab canada - 24-JUN-2002 20:35 CST

I am very happy about the new book I just finished Mine and am starting on Wolfs Hour I have loved every book so far. That is almost all except Baal. I love your work and if your history books were published I know I would enjoy them too. History has always been my favorite subject. Anyway I love your books and thank you.

Jeri Pierson
Lawrence, KS USA - 24-JUN-2002 18:49 CST

At last! McCammon is back. Sing "Hello Robert" to the tune of Hello Dolly - "it's so nice to have you back where you belong" - and celebrate. One question - "Mine" is such a sitter for screen adaptation. It is beyond me why it never happened. Are you able to spread any anecdotal information on this on your web-page? All the best and thank you for the reading pleasure you have brought to all of us.

Bevan Lee
Sydney, NSW Australia - 24-JUN-2002 15:28 CST

I can't tell you how pleased I am about your new book. I have been a fan for many years and was very disappointed that you stopped writing for ten years. Swan Song and Wolf's Hour were among my favorites, although, I have read all of your books and don't think there is one I haven't liked. Actually, Swan Song was what started my attraction to horror fiction. Looking forward to reading your new book. Perhaps my interest will be sparked once more.

Karen Parker
Rochester Hills, MI USA - 22-JUN-2002 20:21 CST



Hallie Thompson
Cave Creek, AZ USA - 19-JUN-2002 20:30 CST

I realy do not understand why people compare you to stephen king. I find Mr Kings books very long winded and difficult to get into, totaly different to your stile of writting.
I am a big James Herbert fan myself and didn't think anyone could change that. Then in the eighties a friend of mine lent me Swan song, need I say more. I bought Bethanys sin, baal, night boat,boys life and mine. Unfortunatly for some reason we can no longer buy your books off the shelf in the UK. Although I have managed to buy other titles from the internet it seems a shame we can't get them here.
I have re-read many books in my time but I have to say (and I know everyone is of the same opinion) Swan Song is the one I get most pleasure from.
It would be great to see it on the big screen.
I hope your new book will be released in the UK and that it wont be your last.
Thank you for the fantasy,pleasure and escape from the real world your books give me.

leanne wilkins
united kingdom - 16-JUN-2002 13:45 CST

Mr.McCammon is an excellent author.Stinger is my personal favorite.Looking forward to the new book.

Heber Springs, AR USA - 12-JUN-2002 12:24 CST

Dear Mr. McCammon,
I finished my first novel two days ago. I am forwarding it Thursday to River City Publishing. Any advice? The novel is adolescent fantasy. In short, the novel's about a twelve-year-old boy and his two cousins who enter a basement door in their grandmother's castle in North Carolina to find a fantasy land, where they have to assist the good king in regaining his throne from the bad king, and in doing so, confront the issue of bullying.
Thank you.

Jerry Mullinax
Hendersonville, NC USA - 11-JUN-2002 22:35 CST

I was in the middle of my annual re-reading of Swan Song when I realized I hadn't checked the website in a while. To my absolute joy, I find that McCammon has a new book!!! This news rivals the birth of my baby boy this year. Thank you Robert for coming back to us! But, will this mark coming out of retirement for good? Let's HOPE.

kirksville, mo USA - 11-JUN-2002 12:05 CST


ROCHESTER, NY USA - 11-JUN-2002 07:03 CST

I love Robert McCammon, and am THRILLED he's coming out with a new book!

Bakersfield, CA USA - 10-JUN-2002 09:17 CST

Im looking forward to the new book. I will read it to my cat greedy guts

Robert A Keller
Philadelphia, P.A USA - 9-JUN-2002 17:39 CST

How simply wonderful that Mr. McCammon has emerged again with his craft and imagination in tow . . . vague rumors and equally depressing stories of his permanent retirement from the phenomenal narrative business instilled in me a sadness that such talent would be forever silenced--it is with mingled joy and relief that I find this news of his forthcoming offering. Welcome back Mr. McCammon and thank you for sharing with us again!

Steve Trueman
Cleveland, OH USA - 7-JUN-2002 16:43 CST

I was rummaging through some old books and came across my Robert McCammon collection. I re-read most of them and I wondered why there wasn't a new title to be seen in the past while. Imagine my delight when I came across this web page and found out that a new book was on the way. I feel that Robert McCammon is up there with King, Koontz et al. I hope many more novels are on the way.

Montreal, quebec Canada - 5-JUN-2002 16:08 CST

Swan Song was the finest book I shall probably ever have the privelege to read. Thank you from one writer to another.

John Booth
Columbus, Ohio USA - 31-MAY-2002 13:03 CST

I am so very pleased to see the return of my favorite author. I can hardly wait to get my hands on your new novel. Boys Life, Swan Song and Gone South are the 3 books I read over and over. Welcome back, you have been greatly missed!

USA - 29-MAY-2002 16:35 CST

Welcome back Mr. McCammon. You have been missed. Please start writing more of your great books. Stephen King needs a break, I'm sure you could fill that spot.

Dan Minjares
Poulsbo, WA USA - 29-MAY-2002 13:05 CST

McCammon is my absolute favorite author. I read as often as possible, but, i don't get enough time to read these days (I have a 4 yr old! lol) Does anyone know if Robert McCammon's books are on audio? If you can answer this question, please e mail me at

wilkes barre, pa USA - 22-MAY-2002 16:43 CST

HURRAY ive been waiting ten years for your return mr mccammom.ive checked your website every so often waiting for your return.your book boyslife has been handed down from me to my wife to all three of my children

harry johnson
brown summit, nc USA - 21-MAY-2002 12:15 CST

I'm reading Swan Song as I write this for the 2nd time, I love it, definetly one of my all time favourites, close tie with Boy's Life. I tell all friends that enjoy reading about you Mr. McCammon and brag about your books to them all the time. Read many of the others and enjoyed them but nothing as good as the above mentioned two. Thank you for the wonderful stories and in my opinion you are the best.

G.A. Moyls
Courtenay, BC Canada - 21-MAY-2002 11:33 CST

I was just sitting here working at my computer when I decided to take a break. Looking up at my library of books,I immediately focused on all 13 RRM novels published. "Whatever happened to this brilliant author?", I asked myself, hence a search on the net. I am an avid reader and a huge fan of every novel RRM has written; Swan Song is without a doubt my favorite novel of all time. What a wonderful relief it is to read that RRM is back. Can't wait!

Ernie Muehleisen
Eastern Passage, NS Canada - 18-MAY-2002 10:55 CST

Congrats. And good work using local publisher. What's the chance of a chat for my Master's thesis? ;)

Ivey Tate Brown
Birmingham, AL USA - 17-MAY-2002 07:28 CST

I am so glad your back, "Boys Life", one of the best books ever written! I have read it three times and loved it more each time

USA - 16-MAY-2002 14:45 CST

I just read the first installment of SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD on the spook's website. I am certainly looking forward to the rest of the novel!

I have been a fan of RRM since the 80's. I just bought a copy of Boy's Life for my son's 12th birthday--it is my favorite!

Joanna Brady-Head
Birmingham, AL USA - 15-MAY-2002 12:19 CST

You're the only books I read now. Can't wait for September! But I am safe in the knowledge, it will another classic.

alfreton, derbys uk - 15-MAY-2002 08:30 CST

I've been a McCammon fan for years, collecting the UK editions and waiting anxiously for his next book to come out.

Sly One
El Monte, Ca USA - 14-MAY-2002 15:41 CST

Today I read Usher's Passing and I must say I'm your big fan now! I spent all my day reading this novel and I think to buy other your books in near future. Thank you,keep your good work ;)

Perm, Russia - 14-MAY-2002 08:35 CST

I am delighted (and amazed) that Robert McCammon is back.
Sorry, but we thought he was no longer with us!
When we discovered him in the 80's my wife and I couldn't get hold of his books fast enough. Bethany's Sin, Baal, Night Boat and the classic They Thirst (which is the scariest book ever)were all avidly read. I came across a copy of Wolf's Hour (brilliant, as ever)only the other day, which is something of a coincidence. That's what made me look on the web for any info. I'm glad I did, now I will look out for the new book, as well as some of the others mentioned here that I haven't read yet. Some films would be good, but they deserve to be done by the best, not like some of Stephen King's, which have been ruined by Hollywood.
Keep up the good work Robert, great to have you back.

Dave Rothwell
Hawarden, United Kingdom - 10-MAY-2002 12:26 CST

I'm 15 and read Boy's Life when I was 11 - best story I ever read. I wouldn't have read it if my older brother hadn't convinced me it revolved around a magic bike when I got my new BMX. I read my dad's bundled comics and got hooked on Sgt. Rock and Enemy Ace, and flipped through the Superman and Challenger of the Unknown's, too. I just re-read Boy's LIfe instead of studying for my half-yearly exams. I might be screwed for them, but dammit, Boy's Life is worth it! We've got your others too - Blue World, Swan Song, The Night Boat, and all else. I want to read the Wolf's Hour, but our crusty old book is too precious for my brother to entrust in my clumsy hands. If I ever get any time to relax, I just might read everything you throw at me. Thanks for your inspiration Mr. McCammon - from a budding writer.

Sydney, Australia - 10-MAY-2002 02:58 CST

Welcome back sir. You have enlightened me and the rest of the world with your magical prose, especially 'Boy's Life' which is in my top five of greatest novels ever written. Here's to many more worlds of wonder for you to create, and we to traverse.

Jimmy D
Las Vegas, Nevada USA - 9-MAY-2002 19:38 CST

Thank You for returning.
I am at the tail-end of re-reading Boy's Life (for the umteenth time). Yeah, I know, everyone reads that one, but having read everydamnthingelse you've published (each one umteen times) I finally broke down & picked it up again. I guess that will hold me over until the new one. Again, thanks for coming back to us!

David Van Dyke
Louisville, KY USA - 6-MAY-2002 09:00 CST

The return of Mr. McCammon is to the book world, as the return of Christ is to the religious world. Thank God!

William A. Siravo SR
Upper Darby, PA United States of America - 5-MAY-2002 19:42 CST

I do not recommend reading a "Boy's Life" while recovering from major surgery.....I mean it will leave you in stitches... which is not a good thing to do when trying to remain calm and relaxed!! I just loved it. My sister gave the book to my 15 year old son to read, but I decided to read it first. Often my family would come into the bedroom and find me crying with laughter at the things you said through "Cory." I love the one line.... "If swear words were bricks, then he could have built a three story house and an two car garage." That almost did me in. My boys said that you sound so much like Dr. Phil!!! I haven't the opportunity to get out to the library yet, but when I do, your books will be the number one request on my list of books to read over the summer. Thank you so much for laughter, tears, turns of events, and memories. I highly recommend anyone, and everyone to read "Boys Life" just for the fun of it.

Sonja Alcock
Cloyne, ON Canada - 3-MAY-2002 06:13 CST

Wow - did we miss you! I hope you're well rested and ready to pick up where you left off.

I can't wait to read "Speaks the Nightbird" as well as some of the short fiction on the site. While you've been away, I've been rereading your earlier works ("They Thirst" and "Blue World" to name a few) and find something new every time.

Thanks for all the wonderful material - glad to see there will be more to come!

Jim Choma
Brecksville, OH USA - 2-MAY-2002 17:38 CST

Cool site, Mr. Goatley, and good to see Robert "Rampaging" McCammon back in action. Sorry the history books didn't work out, but know that us horror fans will eat up any & all of Rick's HORROR works like fried chicken, 'til death do us's hoping STINGER and THE WOLF'S HOUR can be faithfully recreated on the big screen someday soon...and if Mr.McCammon has a spare moment, I've got a free review copy of my own horror novel for him if he likes...Best, K.K.

K.K. (Ken Kupstis)
Kissimmee, FL USA - 2-MAY-2002 09:16 CST

Thought we lost you. Am so glad to see that I am not the only one who has read Swan Song numerous times. I have also passed it onto anyone who reads always requesting it be returned, it now looks like it went through its own Swan Song but will not replace with a new one. I also have a signed hardcover. This book is my all time favorite book, and if you asked me why Im sorry I cant describe it. Am so glad to hear that he is back, it has been way too long

Seymour, Ct USA - 29-APR-2002 16:44 CST

Thank you so much for starting a new site for Robert R. McCammon. I have all of his paperbacks and a couple of his hardcover versions. His books have given me nothing but pleasure. They became better as he continued to write. I am looking forward to the new historical novel set in the Carolinas since I live in South Carolina. I respect his decision not to write anymore, but I shall miss the anticipation of a new book to read. Thanks again!

Jane Keel
Aiken, SC USA - 29-APR-2002 08:40 CST

Welcome back! Thought you had indeed gone south. THEY THIRST and STINGER.....scream to be made into films! Thanks to the webmaster for all the covers! Im so glad you're back, No one could replace one did. :)

Hugo Hernandez
Chicago, IL USA - 29-APR-2002 05:57 CST

I thought that I was probably the only one that has read Swan Song several times. Was glad to see that others were just as fascinated with it as I was. I will have to read some of his others to see how they are!!

Sena Summerset
Pratt, Ks USA - 27-APR-2002 18:45 CST

Hey Hunter, good to see you're still around. (Jodi Gilbody)
Do I have to pay $110 in NYC to say hi? heh heh

Jodi Dougherty
Middletown, ct USA - 26-APR-2002 08:27 CST

Hallelujah! Robert McCammon's back-- one of the best writers I've ever read! "Swan Song", "Bethany's Sin", "Mine" (which had one of the most revolting, terrifying, creepiest chapters I've ever read in my life), and "Gone South", which, even years later, still haunts me. What a beautiful book. I really can't wait to get my hands on the new one, and I'll just say again how wonderful it is to have him back, entertaining us.

TN USA - 24-APR-2002 11:11 CST

A blast form the past, but fresh air for the future. Thanks for the dreams!
Robert G. McCammon

robert g. mccammon
hartselle, al USA - 24-APR-2002 05:25 CST

I think Robert McCammon Is great I haven't read one of his book that I haven't loved. Keep writing

Jeri Pierson
Lawrence, Ks USA - 23-APR-2002 19:31 CST

One of my favourite writers of all time, along with Vachss, Lansdale, Wodehouse. "Under The Fang", the anthology based on a world now ruled by vamps, was so great, and MrMcCammon's "The Miracle Mile" just rips your heart out. Whatever the genre, this is a man who can WRITE and I'm delighted to see him in print again.

Michelle Fountain
Easton, MD USA - 23-APR-2002 08:20 CST

I fell deeply in love with "Gone South" years ago, and placed it high on my list of favorite books of all time... The depth of the betrayal, the hunger; the soul crying to be understood... a phenomenal work. Then, I just found and read "Boy's Life," and I am absolutely in awe. I was a child again, with all the joys and all the pain... This is a fabulous book by a truly gifted writer, and if you haven't read it, you must. Immediately. Mr. McCammon has insight that cuts to the very heart, and leaves us feeling we've been touched by a Power that Knows All, yet also knows the very smallest and most insignificant need in all of us... Mr. McCammon meets our needs headlong, and leaves us crying for more.

I can't wait to read more of this wonderful author's works, and though I seldom read horror novels, I somehow have the feeling I will come away blessed by his touch, yet again.

Thank you, Mr. McCammon, for your gifts to us all.

Joanna Lilly
The Last Word

Joanna Lilly
Tallahassee, FL USA - 18-APR-2002 12:22 CST

Oh what a wonderful day! I just read the news for the first time on "Speaks the Nightbird!"
I first read his work in 1987, with "Swan Song." At just seventeen, I was already a fan of McCammon's. Who could not be hooked after following the path of Sister Mary, Frankenstein the wrestler, or Rolland on his king's quest in that riveting post-nuclear apocoliptic epic? It wasn't until after reading Blue World ( with Bathany's Sin, Stinger, Wolf's Hour, and They Tirst already read and on my shelves) four years later that I actually took time to read his biography on the back cover. Here I was, born and raised in Jasper, AL... and mind-living these adventures that originated from a mind that had resided only 40 +/- miles from where I lived!
Since the late early to mid nineties, after reading Gone South, Boys Life, and MINE (A personal favorite), I have been eagerly awaiting the release of a new book... but alas, I keep reading and hearing the rumors that Mr. McCammon would never write again... and now... Speaks the Nightbird is on it's way!!!
For the record, wife too is a McCammon reader. I bought her a copy of Swan Song (the fourth copy we have owned... when she allows others to read it, we never seem to get it back...and so we have to buy it again...) for Christmas.
Mr. McCammon, Thank you! My wife and I both are so looking forward to reading this LONG AWAITED arrival!

Hanau, N/A Germany - 13-APR-2002 05:42 CST

I live in Estonia and i can read Rick's translated versions(i am not so good to read on English :((( ) but Rick's books are best books i have ever read!!!

Dmitri Jurjev
Valga, VMK Estonia - 10-APR-2002 10:26 CST

I can't wait to read Robert McCammon's new book. Like so many others who've signed here, I've been a fan for years and was beginning to worry he'd never write again. Mr. McCammon, I'm happy the crazy publishing industry couldn't keep you down. I already have a copy of "Speaks The Nightbird" on preorder. I hope it sells like crazy!

Pat Lewin
Boston, MA USA - 10-APR-2002 04:58 CST

I am so thrilled to be getting the chance to read such beautiful work again. I only discovered the works of McCammon about 4 years ago, but fell in love with his style. His work has made my heart swell with love and misery. His wworks are so vividly told that you feel like you are living out the story yourself. Thanks for giving us something to look forward to.

Cullman, AL USA - 8-APR-2002 13:35 CST

Oh WoW....I'm so excited to find this website, and to learn of a new novel about to be released!! I have to agree with another post on here...Rice although interesting storylines I cannot get though the whole book, without shelving it. And as to King...well I'm proud to say with the insistance of my husband to giving him a try...I made it to page two before falling to sleep. My first McCammon's novel was Swan Song. I read it in three days, just something that I couldn't bear to put down for a second. And during which, I had the strangest craving for chocolate, and fresh water. Now that is descriptive writing at it's best. I still laugh when I go into a K-mart wandering if there be anything strange lurking. I've read his other works and they are just as good. I could go on...and on. But come this Sept 1st I know that I will have to be getting two copies, one for my husband and one for me. He's just as excited as I am. I really hope that it's a best seller, and McCammon finally gets the credit that is due to him! He's an awesome writer, and I'm glad that he's back.

Independence, Mo USA - 6-APR-2002 18:46 CST

I am a thirtysomething, father of three, who acted like a giddy teenager seeing their pop idol on TRL, when I learned McCammon had a new novel coming out. That is the greatest news of 2002 thus far. The Master is back ! I thank the Book Gods.

Chase Leone
Montgomery , Al USA - 4-APR-2002 08:41 CST

Now this is weird: I have a Springer spaniel who's turning 10 next week. She's been a great dog, hasn't chewed anything since she was a pup. But last week she got into a box of paperbacks and gnawed the binding off three of them -- all McCammon novels. Didn't touch any of the other books in the box. Is the publisher using Alpo in the bindings or what?

Tom Szaroleta
Jacksonville, FL USA - 4-APR-2002 06:59 CST


Chesterfield, MA USA - 3-APR-2002 19:33 CST

I have always been a big Robert R. McCammon fan, ever since I read "Boy's Life" & "Swan Song" in paperback. I'm so glad he's comming out with a new book.
For the longest time, I've only encountered a limmited number of his books in paperback at book stores, along w/ an out of date photo of him on the back. I didn't know he was on hiatus. Seeing as how he hasn't published anything new, I thought he was dead! (Sorry Mr. McCammon)
I never thought to look up Mr. McCammon's name on the website until just recently. Can't wait for the next book!

Khoi Le
Orange, CA USA - 2-APR-2002 20:58 CST

Yezzzzzzzzzzzzz :) :) :) He's back :) :) :)

The Hague, The Netherlands - 2-APR-2002 02:15 CST

I am thrilled to learn that RRM is coming out with a new book. I look everytime I go to BN or BDRS. They Thirst is the best vampire novel that I have read.

Harry Watts
Philadelphia, PA USA - 1-APR-2002 18:50 CST

I love everything written by Mr. McCammon. I cant wait for the next novel. I hope to see another compilition of short stories soon!

Ed Hitch
Belleville, IL USA - 29-MAR-2002 21:21 CST

RRM is my greatest inspiration in my own attempts and the most entertaining author I have ever read. I am delighted he is back

marcus tilley
thrall, tx USA - 24-MAR-2002 06:58 CST

rrm is my favorite horror writer

peter sherman
USA - 23-MAR-2002 23:19 CST

I am so excited to read the new book. Mr. McCammon needs to come to Illinois to do a book signing. I work at our public library and would love to have him down!

Amanda Passmore
marshall, il USA - 23-MAR-2002 13:06 CST

Thank God your back, you are by far the best writer around. I was going insane when you stopped writing. You blow Dean who, away. I still think that Swan Song is far better then Mr. Kings the stand. Welcome back. Yeah

Pawtucket, R.I USA - 23-MAR-2002 11:14 CST

Dont you guys think he is better the Koonze,Rice and King put together? This guy has TALENT and I will fight anyone that says other wise. I'm his number #1 fan!! love Kathy Bates ( Just joking) Damn all these years what a waist!! Where has he been???????? I need the collection.

Hermiston , Or USA - 21-MAR-2002 08:35 CST


Hermiston, Or USA - 21-MAR-2002 07:38 CST

I love Robert McCammon's novels. Ever since 'Swan Song' I have been captivated. You have no idea how many times I hunted the bookstores looking for a new title only to leave disappointed. I read years ago that Robert was considering a sequel to 'The Wolf's Hour.' I hope he does a sequel. That was such a fine, outstanding novel. Am EXCITED to see a new title will be available in September. I will have it the day it comes out! Peace ya'll. Patrick H.

Patrick Higgins
Austin, TX USA - 19-MAR-2002 20:29 CST

Hi, Rick! Great to see you publishing again.

Alan Rodgers
Northridge, CA USA - 19-MAR-2002 17:19 CST

Boy's Life is one of the most enjoyable books I have read. I also enjoyed Gone South (almost as much).
Looking forward to reading Speaks the Nightbird - when will it be available in th UK?

Russell Spicer
London, UK - 18-MAR-2002 17:08 CST


Mary Anne Victa
Philadelphia, PA USA - 18-MAR-2002 05:26 CST

Brilliant. Friggin' brilliant.

Mike Purfield
Jersey City, NJ USA - 15-MAR-2002 16:38 CST

I just have to tell you that the book Swan Song is my absolute favorite. That and The Stand by Stephen King are 2 of the best books ever written. I am reading The Wolf's Hour now and I am really enjoying it alot. Thank you.

Nancy Doll
Wilson, NC USA - 12-MAR-2002 08:59 CST

Welcome back Rick! Boy's Life was my favorite.

Ed Means
Kansas City, MO USA - 10-MAR-2002 05:16 CST

My wife and I read all of Mr McCammons books years ago. (Unfortunatly, at that time we couldn't afford hardcover editions, but have been actively trying to find them now. Not having much luck finding most though) We were very disappointed to learn that he had stopped writing but are excited by news of a new story. If Mr McCammon actually reads these comments, well...very glad to have you back, you have two faithful readers here.

Toronto, Ont Canada - 9-MAR-2002 13:48 CST

Back in the summer of 1987 I vacationed with my family in Maine for two weeks. At the time I was Thirteen and had very little intrest in reading. My mother,and avid reader, bought a book with a really cool looking cover and read it very quickly. She tried to get me to read it but as I said before the intrest was on other things (like my new love affair with Pro Wrestling, one that still is active to this day.) About ten years later after becoming more of an avid reader that even my mother was I, while looking for a new book to read, remembered back to that summer of 87 and the book my mother loved. So I bought at a small used book store The Ragmans Son, By Kirk Douglas and Swan Song.
I read some of the Ragman's son and put it down becouse it was just too slow. I then picked up Swan Song and was hooked. After reading this wounderful book I read They Thirst, Betheny's Sin, The Wolfs Hour, Gone South, and all of the rest (save for Mine which is the next book I will read.) I have read Swan Song and They thirst four times each. Swan Song I have given to about ten other people to read and they all say the same thing "Best book I have ever read." An opinion I also share. When I heard Mr. MaCammon was not only not writing horror anymore but not writing at all I was most dissapointed. Not the I see he will be writng agian I am very happy.
This part is for Mr. McCommon if he ever reads this.
You have givin me many hours of enjoyment with you'r fantastic works. Wheather it's Swan Song, Stinger, Boy's Life or Gone South you have made this reader very happy. For all the critics who call you a poor mans King of Straub I would like to remind them of somthing. King is a great writer, but he can get very longwinded and boring. And struab wrote the scariest book ever with Ghost Story and has never equeled that feat. Mr McCammon I would implore you as a huge fan of you'r work not to give up on writing horror, you are, quite simply, the best at it.
I am very happy to hear you are writing agian and would just like to say that I will most likley read all of you'r books at least one more time. Thank You for the best books I have ever read.

Scott M Belba
AUBURN , MA USA - 8-MAR-2002 09:01 CST

Thank you Mr.McCammon. I am overjoyed to learn of your return to literature. I look forward to the release of your next novel.

M. T. Williams
Tucson, AZ USA - 7-MAR-2002 23:02 CST

It's Great to have the Master of SOUTHERN Horror back (even if he is trying to escape that genre) - if the new book is anything like Swan Song, Boys Life, Down South, Bethany's Song, et al, and especially MINE - then it's a winner! It's also nice to see someone who has done well, takes some time off ( even though I missed the books) and enjoy life for a few years (read between the lines: Not soooooo greedy like S. King!) - Welcome Back!!!

Marshall, ar USA - 6-MAR-2002 08:59 CST

Rick, welcome back;just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your books (especially Swan Song)and what an inspiraion you've been to be in my own writing. Looking forward to Speaks the Nightbird. Peace.

Dean Harrison
Mobile, AL. USA - 3-MAR-2002 15:35 CST

McCammon's "Boy's Life" is my No. 1 book of all time! No other book or author I have read has the sheer storytelling power that McCammon had in "Boy's Life." I am thrilled that finally we will get to read "Speaks the Nightbird" but at the same time I am saddened that McCammon is taking a career break. Hope you never leave the scene, though. Best regards.

Hilath Rasheed
Male', Maldives - 27-FEB-2002 06:59 CST

At last - it's been a long wait. I have been hooked on Robert's books since I bought Stinger WAY back late 80's. Endless searches of 2nd hand book shops has almost completed the full collection. Must-reads are Wolf's Hour / Stinger/ Mine and SwanSong. Can't wait for the new book to arrive over here. Did I not read somewhere of a book called 'The Village' also in the pipeline?

Paul Farmer
Carlisle, UK - 26-FEB-2002 11:08 CST

I'm really gald that you've brought the site back into action - Keep up the excellent work! I've been a huge fan of McCammon ever since deciding to give Boy's Life a go. I love that book so much. I've read his other titles and put the gut up there with King, Straub, Lansdale and Gaiman for sheer storytelling prowess. There's not enough decent authors out there with the talent of these guys and I hope Robert's next title is a success and will persuade him to begin writing new material again. I was absolutely gutted when I first heard that he'd retired. Anyway, excellent site - truly enlightening - and keep up the good work. It's really appreciated. Thanks so much for keeping all us RM fans up to date.

Craig Hale
cheltenham, Glos UK - 25-FEB-2002 01:57 CST

Just wanted to say how glad I am Mr McCammon is publishing again. Been a loooooong 10 years waiting! Can't wait to see MINE directed by Frank Darabont either, this was one of my fav books by him. Other two fav's are: Usher's Passing and The Wolf's Hour. I've told many people about his work over the years and gotten them just as hooked! Long may McCammon live and continue to publish!
Peace, Cheryl

Manchester, NH USA - 23-FEB-2002 14:42 CST

i am so glad that this website is back...not to mention the publication of another mccammon book! i was just talking about boys life to a bunch of friends the other is one of my favorite books of all time...i've been reading mccammon since night boat and treasure each of his's hoping for a succesful future!!!

jim pagliuca
manchester, nh USA - 18-FEB-2002 11:36 CST

Oh, joy the wait is over (almost!). Stumbled upon "Speaks" on my monthly Mccammon trail and nearly hit the roof. Boys Life and Swansong are especially wonderful. Good to have the great man back. Best wishes to all you very patient people!

Ed Creighton

Edward Creighton
Sri Lanka - 15-FEB-2002 21:51 CST

I have read and re-read all of Robert McCammon's books over the course of about 10 years. Once again I decided it was time to read again. I took BAAL off of the bookshelf and was once again enthralled to the point that I could not put it down until I reached the end. I figured I would just start it and finish it the next day, I ended up staying up all night reading it. The first time I read Swan's Song this also happened, I locked myself in my room at my own Going Away Party to finish it. I could not get away. Now I hear that Robert is going to finally release his next book I cannot Wait!!!! LONG LIVE MCCAMMON Thank You So MUch For treating us with your writing talent that us readers will truely Love and will pass on to others that will also love for all of time!!!!!!

Chris Welton
Hahira, Ga USA - 14-FEB-2002 20:53 CST

I have always been a reader and I tend to read all of one author's books until I've read them all. I was finished all of Steven King's books and was looking on the shelves and came across Mr. McCammon's name. I can't even remember what book I picked up first but I do remember that I couldn't put it down and finished it within 2 days. I went back and bought the rest of them. I love all of them and have read many of them a number of times over. I am looking very forward to the new book.

Cori Persoage
Calgary, AB Canada - 14-FEB-2002 16:21 CST

An incredible website for an incredible writer. It's great news to hear that one of the most talented, unique voices of the literary world was coming back into the game. 'A Boy's Life' brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it. I read it to my son when my wife was pregnant with him . . . not only made me cry again, but my wife as well.

Welcome back, Mr. McCammon.

Eric Walden
Westlake, CA USA - 14-FEB-2002 13:04 CST

It's a great website, you have put together here. I have been a fan of robert's since my older brother gave me Swan song to read. I just started to reread all his books in october or so. I'm happy to hear about the new book coming out. I was wondering if anyone is ever going to be smart enough to make a movie out of any of his books. Bye.

Stephen Thomas Rice
cincinnati, oh USA - 13-FEB-2002 17:48 CST

Robert you are GOD!!
It's been a long ten years..
They Thirst rules!

peter arenella
sunnyvale, ca USA - 13-FEB-2002 11:35 CST

Great site . I'm glad to hear of Rick's return as i have been a fan of his work for years . Cheers

paul devlin
glasgow, scotland - 12-FEB-2002 11:44 CST

I just want to say "Rock ON!" to Goat for producing this site. Also thank you so much to R\Mr. McCammon for writing again. When I came upon this site about a month ago I automatically bookmarked it. I love Mr. Mccammon's writing (ever since i picked up Swan's Song).
It is so good to know he's back.

Cranford, NJ USA - 11-FEB-2002 05:53 CST

Greetings to all whom will read this.
One of the last books (of horror) was Blue World by Mr. McCammon. Very Good.
I think that he is a very good writer and look forward to what will be coming from his "pen" in the future - retirement pending or not - and for the first time in almost 12 years will buy another McCammon book (his latest)this upcoming September.
Many Thanks to Hunter for his hard work and consistency with this site and for being Mr. McCammon's confidente.
Take Care

CARROLLTON, TX USA - 11-FEB-2002 05:07 CST

I am not quite sure which I am more impressed by....the writer, his words, his ideas, or the passion that he projects into the work itself. But I do know one thing for sure...I am unbelievably impressed by a certain Goat that has put this site together, the praise of the readers for one whom deserves it, and the broad span of readers said whom has touched. Here's to McCammon and the lives he has forever touched...

Scranton, Pa USA - 10-FEB-2002 22:24 CST

Well I am a book reader,and i am not old im young and i love Robert's writing "he buts you into the book " his carrectors are wounderful I love the book boy's life and Mystery Walk .and don't forget MINE wow that mary was scarry .I read all kind of books but Roberts are wounderful I am a guy and i have a carring hart and i love romance too nothing wrong with that ,and i read history ,I also read about the oceans and the ship's that have saled her ,their are wounderful writes ,Pat Conroy ,Fern Michaels ,Whilliam Shakesper,And Robert R.McCamman,To Robert I would like to say thank you for writing book's When i was in school i was not the brightest student and i was told buy teachers that im not smart and not a reader and all !Well I am a book reader and and i read 9 books a month and i have meet the historians of titanic and robert ballard he found titanic in 1985 and I am friends with many writers and It is all from me reading that i learnd from and
Robert has giving me books to read ,and I thank you sir for them!
A reader of your book's

louisville, oh USA - 10-FEB-2002 20:39 CST

Wow! It's great to see so many other Robert McCammon fans out there. My favorites are: Swan Song (classic horror), Wolf's Hour and Boys Life-but then again, all of his books are excellent; well written with wonderful characters.

This site is the best and I can't wait until September!


Fair Lawn, NJ USA - 10-FEB-2002 19:02 CST

Hi Hunter! Great website and thanks for keeping in touch!
Thanks for all your hard work on this great site!

Canada - 10-FEB-2002 05:58 CST

5 years ago my dear friend Joseph was dying of AIDS, had lost his sight, and asked me to read some 'horror' books to him as he lay, uncomfortable, in a horrible hospital. Quite by accident I found a long row of McCammon in the local bookstore and bought them all. I hate 'horror' books. Imagine my surprise when Joseph and I were equally captured by the sensitive and beautifully formed stories. We made it through every McCammon book over a 3 week period and Joseph died shortly after I finished reading him the last chapter of Boys Life - with a smile on his face. I look forward to the new book for my own pleasure, am very glad to know McCammon is in good health and writing again and thank Hunter for an informative and caring web site.
Stay on the bright side!

David Vass
Miami, FL USA - 10-FEB-2002 04:18 CST

I am very excited about McCammon's new novel. When he decided to quit writing I had a feeling eventually he would come back ... and after many long years he has! I have read Swan Song so many times (and had purchased many copies)it is like a security blanket to me. I remember buying all of his books and soaking up all the information I could. Boys Life is an outstanding novel ... the imagery and suspense was wonderful. I search ebay for copies I have lost or let some one borrow. Thanks for coming back. Hunter, a very special thanks to you for bringing us all up to speed.

Jerry Pound
McDonough, GA USA - 9-FEB-2002 20:37 CST

I have been a fan for many years. GONE SOUTH and SWAN SONG are my favorites. No one can make the characters come to life like Mr. McCammon. I hope someday soon publishers will realize how much we love an miss his writing. I can't wait to read his latest.

Sandy Hardin
Danielson, CT USA - 9-FEB-2002 16:28 CST

To Mr. McCammon - the southern class act with the wild imagination. Like all of your fans, I've missed you a great deal and look forward to reading Speaks the Nightbird. Many thanks to you for all the great novels and short stories you've given us all. You're simply the best!

Robert McCoy
Napa, CA USA - 9-FEB-2002 15:31 CST

Just wanted to post a note to say Horray. Horray! Nice to get some behind the scenes stuff on one of my favourite authors ever. The Wolfs Hour is still one of the all time best stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Cant wait to read the new one. So all the best for the future Mr McCammon and if you ever feel like doing a sequel to Wolfs Hour you will have a least one reader who will buy it hardback. And kudos to Mr Goatley for putting this site together. Cheerio (as we say in the UK)

Martin Walker
UK - 9-FEB-2002 11:32 CST

Rick, it's so great to have you back again!! It's been such a long time since we've heard your 'voice'! I have been waiting for you return to the publishing world and can't tell you how excited I am to find out that you have a new novel comming out(even if I have to wait a few more months!). I met you at the World Fantasy Con. that was held here in Seattle oh-so-many years ago and you turned out to be exactly as I thought- a soft spoken gentleman! I was truly sorry about what you've been through- been there, done that- but now that you're back let's give 'em hell!! I hope you will do a booksigning tour and if you do please make Seattle one of your stops! Take care and WELCOME BACK!!
HUNTER- you are truly the best!! Keep up the great work and thanks for sticking in there!

Dan McMillen
USA - 8-FEB-2002 22:06 CST

I too am so excited about McCammon's new book and can not wait to read it. When he stopped writing I also thought something bad had happened to him and it wasn't until Hunter was kind enough to answer one of my emails about a year ago that I found out why he stopped. Thank you so much Hunter for caring enough about McCammon's fans to keep us informed. You have gone above and beyond and this site proves it--- its wonderful! And thank you to McCammon for coming out of retirement so that we may crawl back into that wonderful imagination of his. I hope he gets to Nashville for his book tour, I can't even imagine how incredible it would be to actually meet him. I love all of his books but I do agree that BOYS LIFE and SWANS SONG are his best.

Tiffany Campbell
TN USA - 8-FEB-2002 21:58 CST

It's great to see such a well-done site devoted to Robert R. McCammon, and even greater to know that we're =finally= going to get to read SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD! McCammon is the author of my first (BOY'S LIFE) and second (SWAN SONG) favorite novels of all time, with several others that rank way up there. Now I just have to hope that his booksigning tour makes it to Florida...


Jeff Strand
Tampa, FL USA - 8-FEB-2002 20:48 CST

I am a die hard fan. I have forced friends and family to read Swan's Song and several other novels. I love Stephen King but McCammon brings words to life. And as always! I WANT MORE!!!!

Debra Fairchild
East Point, Ky USA - 8-FEB-2002 19:20 CST

It was almost twenty years ago that I reviewed both Mystery Walk and Unsher's Passing for a small fan magazine called Fantasy Mongers. I thought then, as I do now, that Robert McCammon was one of the best writers alive. That opinion hasn't changed in two decades, and I certainly look forward to reading and reviewing his newest novel, Speaks the Nightbird, when it comes out this September. I hope Mr. McCammon might consider allowing a small speciality press to publish The Village. There are several excellent presses (Cemetery Press, Subterannean Press, Overlook Publishing, Gauntlet Press, and Nightshade to name a few)that would jump at the opportunity to publish something by him and work closely to his specifications and desires. It would be a terrible shame not to see this novel published, if there's a company out there that would put their heart and soul into doing the finest job possible in printing it. Also, many thanks to Hunter for such a fantastic website!! You've done good, my friend.

Wayne C. Rogers
Las Vegas, NV USA - 8-FEB-2002 17:50 CST

Can't wait to read the next book. Robert R. is an awesome writer. I finished all of his novels in a little less than half a year in high school, They Thirst and Swan's Song was my favorite. Thanks for the great books, and I wish there were a ton more.

Jeremy West
Salt Lake, UT USA - 8-FEB-2002 16:24 CST

My wife and I were given a copy of Swan song years ago and we were instantaly hooked on Robert R. We are die hard Stephen King fans but even Stevie couldn't touch that story as good as the Stand is Swan Song is so mch better. We loved the main charter being a bag lady excellent. We are looking forward to the new novel thank God it's finally coming out we had thought that something had happened to Mr. Mccammon. Jim & Lesley Henmdry

Jim Hendry
Edmonton, Alberta Canada - 8-FEB-2002 14:22 CST

Robert McCammon is the best! I can't wait to read his newest book and I look forward to many, many more wonderful adventures that he is willing to share with his readers! Thank you for giving us different worlds to explore!

Terri Dean
NJ USA - 8-FEB-2002 14:07 CST

Hunter - totally blown away by the site. Amazing !! I look forward to reading '....Nightbird' in sept. If 'The Village' is unlikely to be published, any chance RRM would let it be put on this site ??? :-)))

kevin etheridge
Uk - 8-FEB-2002 14:06 CST

I am very happy to see that a new book by Mr. McCammon will be out soon. I'm in the middle of reading Swan Song for the fourth time. It is my absolute favorite book. Also, thank you Mr. Goatley for all your hard work on the site. it's great.

Charlottesville, VA USA - 8-FEB-2002 14:00 CST

I'm the first to sign! I had to test it. 8-)

Hunter Goatley
Bowling Green, KY USA - 8-FEB-2002 13:34 CST

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