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Select one of the links below to view covers for each title. There are scans of both limited and mass-market editions, including domestic and foreign edtions.

All the covers  (761 images) (Can take a long time to download!)
Baal  (30 images)
Bethany's Sin  (23 images)
The Night Boat  (21 images)
They Thirst  (42 images)
Mystery Walk  (33 images)
Usher's Passing  (27 images)
Swan Song  (54 images)
Stinger  (29 images)
The Wolf's Hour  (38 images)
Blue World  (15 images)
MINE  (40 images)
Under the Fang  (3 images)
Boy's Life  (64 images)
Gone South  (26 images)
Speaks the Nightbird  (28 images)
The Queen of Bedlam  (10 images)
Mister Slaughter  (14 images)
The Five  (13 images)
The Hunter from the Woods  (5 images)
The Providence Rider  (10 images)
I Travel by Night  (8 images)
The River of Souls  (4 images)
The Border  (8 images)
Freedom of the Mask  (2 images)
Last Train from Perdition  (4 images)
Tales from Greystone Bay  (1 image)
He'll Come Knocking at Your Door  (1 image)
The Listener  (7 images)
Cardinal Black  (5 images)
A Little Amber Book of Wicked Shots  (1 image)
Short story appearances,
audiobooks, etc.
(195 images)

Non-U.S. Editions

The links below group the various covers by country of origin.

British editions  (64 images)
Russian editions  (66 images)
Japanese editions  (50 images)
Hebrew editions  (3 images)
Spanish editions  (26 images)
German editions  (32 images)
French editions  (38 images)
Italian editions  (28 images)
Argentine editions  (2 images)
Korean editions  (9 images)
Polish editions  (10 images)
Dutch editions  (6 images)
Norwegian editions  (4 images)
Swedish editions  (1 image)
Mexican editions  (2 images)
Hungarian editions  (3 images)
Danish editions  (1 image)
Bulgarian editions  (7 images)
Chinese editions  (2 images)
Finnish editions  (5 images)
Czech editions  (9 images)
Thai editions  (3 images)
Serbian editions  (2 images)
Georgian editions  (1 image)
Taiwan editions  (3 images)
Greek editions  (4 images)

Thanks to Ernesto Vegetti for some of the Italian scans, and thanks to Oleg E. Kolesnikov for some of the Russian scans.

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