Psycho 60s Podcast

Join DJ Rick as he examines some of the most obscure rock'n'roll songs from the 1960s! Here you'll find lots of songs by bands that may have released only one single and then disappeared.

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Note that this podcast has been renamed as DJ Rick's Radio 678 Show!

Psycho 60s — Podcast #004 — 30-JUL-2010
Download MP3 00:35:11

Psycho 60s podcast

Special featuring "The Unknowns"—Unknown bands, unknown titles, unknown years. Also includes a special treat!

Psycho 60s — Podcast #003 — 16-JUN-2010
Download MP3 00:39:38

Psycho 60s podcast

Includes The Spiders, Gonn, Arthur Brown, The Avengers, Bread, Mountain, and more!

Psycho 60s — Podcast #002 — 29-APR-2010
Download MP3 00:44:38

Psycho 60s podcast

Includes The Hangmen, The Paniks, Ed Pauling, Shotgun Express, and more!

Psycho 60s — Podcast #001 — 26-MAR-2010
Download MP3 00:44:58

Psycho 60s podcast

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