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Last updated June 18, 2010

Frontsight Productions is currently in pre-production on a movie version of Robert McCammon's 1990 novella "Blue World", which appeared in the collection of the same name. The Frontsight Productions website also has information about the production.

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Movie Information

Current status

2010-06-18 — news about Blue World

The still-in-development Blue World movie from Frontsight Productions was mentioned on the website on June 16, 2010:

Rutger Hauer attached to thriller feature

Producer Nehs plans to shoot here next spring

Action actor Rutger Hauer

PRODUCER MICHAEL NEHS of Frontsight Productions is slated to shoot Blue World, his long-in-development thriller, in Chicago next spring.

Director Charley Rivkin and Adam Witt adapted Robert McCammon's Bram Stoker Award-winning short story, about a priest resisting his desire for a porn star he's trying to protect from a serial killer.

Nehs says Rutger Hauer, Bryan Dennehy, Steven Weber, Seymour Cassel and Kaitlin Doubleday are attached to star. Frontsight is a division of Nehs's Templar Studios, which long has had plans to construct a post-production facility in Old Town. See

2010-02-01 — A new update from Frontsight

    Michael Nehs of Frontsight Productions contacted me yesterday to report that the Blue World movie is alive again. He wrote:

    2009 was a difficult year in the film industry but we are back on track with Blue World. The film is on its way to major packaging agents and financiers as we speak and is officially scheduled for production fall of 2010. We are very excited to produce this wonderful story this year. Thanks to you, Robert and the fans for the patience on this project.

    Here is the updated casting information. Mr. Nehs also stated, "Father Lancaster has been difficult. Would love to hear ideas of Blue World fans for this lead role." If you have suggestions, you can mail to me at [email protected] and I'll forward them to Mr. Nehs.

    Blue World Production Info and Cast:

    • Kaitlin Doubleday — Debbie Stoner/Debra Rocks
    • Steven Weber — Detective Larz (Not in the book)
    • Brian Dennehy — Joe (if available at time of filming; if not, the role will go to Frank Sivero)
    • Original Music by Grammy-Nominated musician Carlos Villalobos
    • Music Supervisor/Composer — Pinar Toprak
    • Production Manager — Carrie Holt DeLama
    • Producer — Michael Nehs
    • Director — Charley Rivkin

Kaitlin Doubleday

04/16/08 — Casting news

  • Blue World producer Michael Nehs has provided a new update. Shooting for Blue World is now scheduled to begin mid-summer. The following actors have been cast so far:

    Frontsight Productions is still in talks for the casting of "John" and "the stranger."

    Production-wise, Aimee Schoof and Isen Robins of Intrinsic Value Films will serve as executive producers. Internation Creative Management (ICM) will be handling the packaging of the project.


  • I'm expecting an update from Michael Nehs sometime in February. In the meantime, here's what I've been able to piece together from a couple of articles I've found on the 'net:

    • Frontsight Productions has recently partnered with Intrinsic Value Films to produce Blue World. A January 8, 2008, post on mentions this and gives shooting dates from March 17 to April 16 in the Chicago area.

    • A January 23, 2008, article about film incentives in Wisconsin states that filming will occur in Milwaukee.

      Here's an excerpt from the article:

      Blue World: A $2.5 million production set for filming in Milwaukee. The film is an adaption of the Robert R. McCammon novella of the same name and is being produced by Pewaukee native Michael Nehs-- it's been adapted to screenplay by Charley Rivkin, who's also slated to direct. Nehs and Rivkin previously collaborated on a film called Heavens Fall.


      Angela Little Mackenzie is on board to star in the leading female role. She has recently been seen in Walk hard: The Dewey Cox Story, American Pie presents Band Camp, Busty Cops, Busty Cops II, and Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade.

      More information on Angela Little Mackenzie can be found on IMDb. Her demo reel can be viewed on YouTube.

      Here is another news article that also states the movie will be shot in Milwaukee.

Frontsight Productions Update Newsletters

Frontsight Productions has an email list for updates on Blue World. Their updates are archived below.

An October 2007 article in Screen Magazine about Frontsight Productions' new sound studio, Templar Sounds, includes this tidbit about their planned film version of Robert McCammon's "Blue World":

And if that isn't a big enough project, Nehs has some film work going on through Frontsight Productions, as well. The feature Blue World, which is based on the book by Robert McCammon and directed by Rivkin, is scheduled to begin shooting late this fall, but Nehs says this time frame might be delayed until January due to actor availability. Nehs says Blue World will be completed from start to finish right here in Chicago—with the post and scoring taking place at Templar Sounds.


Here is the first teaser poster created for the movie:

And here is the second teaser poster created for the movie:

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