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I'm about halfway through Nightbird and find it to be a fine read. It's good to see Mr. McCammon back and delivering the ggod stuff he has always been capable of.

Lee P.
Anywhere there are wild trout, USA - 25-NOV-2002 15:49 CST

Robert, you are a genius. Your ability to draw the reader in, and make them apart of the story, thoroughly places you in a very short list of must read authors. There are so few novels, of any category, of any time frame, that are such a joy to read. When I finish a McCammon novel, and put it down, it is almost like saying goodbye to a good friend. Please know that your work is very much appreciated, and never, never stop.

USA - 25-NOV-2002 08:35 CST

So happy to see a new book!! You know how it is when you love the story, read it too fast and then the story is over. I read them all, more than once in some cases, and have been worried that that was the end. It's exciting to know that soon I will be emersed in another tale that won't let me sleep and will follow me around all day until I pick it up again. There's nothing like a good book. Keep 'em comin'!

Campbell River, BC Canada - 20-NOV-2002 21:54 CST

I believe that SwanSong and Usher's Passing have to be two of the greatest books I've ever read. They have inspired me to take my poetry and create a novel from what I've already experienced and felt.

Tommy Salmons
Buda, TX USA - 20-NOV-2002 09:03 CST

"Boy's Life" is simply wonderful. After reading it, I immediately read it aloud to my own boys. So much in there that was a part of my own childhood that I'd mostly forgotten. You brought it all back -- the music, the friends, the enemies, the magic. Thanks for opening a door to the past!

Doug Graham

Doug Graham
Stafford, VA USA - 17-NOV-2002 12:40 CST

I just finished reading "Speaks the Nightbird" and it was absolutely wonderful!! I could barely put it down. (I went to the library and had them
order in the book). Please, please keep up the great work!!

Bobbi Simpson
Carlsbad, CA USA - 17-NOV-2002 12:05 CST

After re-reading all your stories many times, I am looking forward to reading Speaks The Nightbird. Your writing style and stories are millions of times better than Stephen King or Dean Koontz. They are hacks. Your stories are works of art. Thanks and please give us more.

las vegas, nv USA - 16-NOV-2002 21:18 CST

Reading the new book and it's awesome...Fav book is Boy's Life!

NY USA - 15-NOV-2002 13:22 CST

I just finished reading your book "Boy's Life."
It was truly wonderful, one minute I was crying and the next minute I was laughing. It took me back to my own childhood memories many many years ago. It was truly magical.
Thank you. You are a master with words, creating strong emotional pictures im my mind.
I will seek out your other books that you have written. They will brighten the long winter Idaho nights.

Myrna P. Jensen
Kooskia, iDAHO USA - 13-NOV-2002 13:16 CST

mr mccammon,i have just finished speaks the nightbird.what a great book.i have read your last 12 books twice,so please please robert don't retire,keep on writing. all the best.

derby, england - 11-NOV-2002 15:01 CST

Just finished Speaks the Nightbird and it was great. I was surprised when I walked in Barnes & Noble and saw the book.I have been a fan of Mr McCammon and missed seeing his books on the shelf. Nightbird is now easily my favorite next to Boy's Life.
Its great to see Mr. McCammon writing again. Can't wait for his next book.
Thank you.

Stephen Welch
Charleston, SC USA - 11-NOV-2002 13:16 CST

Hi Mr McCammon.....1st of all, Congradulations for your career...keep up the good work!!!!! I just finished reading the "Wolf's Hour" and HOLY MAC I loved it!!!!!!! that Book was PURE fun to read....I think my Boss would'nt like you for all the nights I've spent reading instead of sleeping.......hehehehehehehehe GOOD WORK !!! :)

Montreal, QC CANADA - 6-NOV-2002 20:44 CST

Mr. McCammon, I have read everyone of your books except Speaks the Night Bird and I will be obtaining that one just as soon as I can order it. You are my favorite writer. My favorite book is Boys Life. Having grown up in a small town in Alabama myself it spoke volumes to me. Thank you so much for many hours of reading pleasure. I am saddened to hear your latest book may be your last but if that is the case I certainly understand the need to get away even from something you loved doing. I am a retired police officer.

Terry W. Owen
Jasper, Al USA - 6-NOV-2002 11:02 CST

antes que nada Mr. McCammon, ha sido un placer conocer su literatura, su mundo, su mitología, creo que es usted uno de los más grandes escritores desde Poe y H.P.Lovecraft, a decir verdad uno de los libros que más me ha gustado el de Usher' Passing, ya que la referencia que toma del cuento de Poe es magnífica, creo que el mísmisimo Poe ha de estar encantado. Las historias que usted cuenta son de tal sensibilidad que incluso he llegado a sentir cierto miedo en algunos parráfos y es que la relación que se crea entre el texto y el lector es de tal magnitud que llega a traspasar la línea divisoria llevandonos dentro de la novela.

Reciba mis más profundas felicitaciones y admiraciones. A todos los demás seguidores de McCammon un saludo. Sigamos tras las líneas de Robert.

alfonso i. fragoso pedrero
Teapa, Tabasco México - 4-NOV-2002 18:24 CST

Though I can't say I've read all of his books, I have read most of them and they are fantabulous. Swan Song is the only book that I have found good enough to read twice. Now that I think about it, there are several others I should go back and read again since it has been many moons since I read them. Glad to see he has another one out there, but sad to hear it's probably the last! He'll certainly be missed by this reader.
Sandra Jackson, Kyle TX

sandra jackson
kyle, tx USA - 30-OCT-2002 14:55 CST

Unbelievable reads

I havnt found a book of his I havnt yet enjoyed thoroughely... been reading them since I was 12 and it started with Swan Song. It has been and will always be my favourite book.. I think over the last ten years I have read it 13 - 15 times, glad to see he's back with a new tale, can't wait till my ordered copy arrives

I have read a lot of his books, and trying to collect them all... having some problems finding the out of print earlier ones.. if anyone knows, can you email me at

and I woudlnt mind getting my old tattered withered first printing of Swan Song Autographed... is there a way to do this?

Mark Pasternak
Toronto, ON Canada - 29-OCT-2002 08:18 CST

I read the book,"Mine" and kept it for years, rereading it every few years. I found a copy of SwanSong and was delighted to see who the author was. 2001, 9-11. The first chapter scared me so bad I had to put the book aside and wait a few weeks before I dared to pick it up again.
I'm glad I did..... I think about Swan and what was to come. Been hoping to see this great story on the big screen. Anyway,glad to see your still out there.

USA - 26-OCT-2002 14:13 CST

Thank you for another fine story Mr. McCammon. I just finished Speaks the Nightbird. I really enjoyed the book. I hope you continue to tell tales.

Camille Eastin
Moorpark, Ca USA - 23-OCT-2002 17:42 CST

I just ordered my copy of SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD and am looking forward to reading it. His other books are so good that it is impossible for me to put them down. I read SWAN SONG in one sitting, and I did the same for BOY'S LIFE! Even when I read the books again, I get swept away by the characters and the stories. I'm sure my reaction to SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD will be the same!

Kary Irle
Baltimore, MD USA - 22-OCT-2002 08:35 CST

Dear Mr. McCammon:

Thank you so much for your return after so many years! I am so pleased to see a new release and hope that your absence was not due to negative circumstances.

I am an avid reader and not one to read any book twice: however, your 'Swan Song' was a beautiful masterpiece that merited a second read-and third!

I have read all of your books that I am aware of(are you under any under penmanship?) and have thoroughly enjoyed your style of writing. Noone can come close to your attention to detail of your characters!

Please, please, keep writing!
Bev Johnston

Bev Johnston
Canada - 19-OCT-2002 21:13 CST

I would just like to say that since I read Swan Song many many years ago, I have yet to find a better written novel. In my eyes it is a masterpiece of modern literature. All of your books are good, but that one is great. Pleaes don't stop writing ever.

Grand Rapids, MI USA - 18-OCT-2002 01:05 CST

I won't reiterate the other positive comments on the page because they are a pretty good indication of my feelings about Robert McCammon's work. Needless to say I think I'd rate Boy's Life, Swan Song and Gone South as three of my all-time favorite books.

Its a great sadness to lose one's place in the world and the reknown in which one is held, is fickle and fleeting. However, there are many who remember and appreciate and respect this man a great deal. I am one. Personally, some advice to people who would attack McCacmmon: if you don't respect somebody why respect what they say? Nevertheless, I hope to attain a copy of Speak the Nightbird asap. It's a rare writer indeed that transcends genre and pigeonholing while never writing a 'bad' book. Robert McCammon is just such a person. Perhaps that is why we've never forgotten him! Perhaps that's why we wont!

Sydney, Australia - 8-OCT-2002 22:33 CST

I can not wait to come across your new book in a store. I have been looking for years for a new book to come out by you. Since I finished reading your last book I have not found another author that has intrigued my intrest like you do. I am an avid reader which is so relieved that the next book that I purchase and read is going to be worth it because it will be one of yours.

Kari Nelson
Chanhassen, MN USA - 7-OCT-2002 13:33 CST

Hi there....
I´m from Germany and unfortunately not all of your novels are appeared in Germany. I loved it to read your storys and there have been many times I laught and cried with the characters of your books.....
Now I´ll try to get your "missing" books in Englisch Language, so that I can come back to the place of yours....
Thanks from Germany - and sorry for my bad english....!!

Würzburg, Bavaria Germany - 6-OCT-2002 14:01 CST

Mr. McCammon,

I think the first book of yours I read was Baal. That was it. I had been an exclusive fan of Stephen King until then. Then came Stinger, They Thirst, Mystery Walk, Mine and others. All the others. When I talk to friends who are Stephen King fans, I ask them if they liked The Stand. If they say yes, I tell them that Swan Song is in the same vein, except easily twice as good. If they actually pick up Swan Song and start to read it, you have yet another fan. Boy´s life is an epic. I couldn´t put it down. I was just telling a friend of mine in Rotterdam about you and hopped on the internet and found your website. I am so glad I did. I´ll be picking up Speaks the Nightbird as soon as I can. I´ve been waiting for a new work from you for some time. Thanks for your most excellent work.

Paul F. Schrag

Paul Schrag
Coral Springs, Fl USA - 6-OCT-2002 06:22 CST

I am so glad you are back!!!! I have read all of your books (Swan Song and Boys Life being my most favorite). Can't wait to read more. I have been able to pass along your books to family and friends and they feel the same way as I do!

Spokane, WA USA - 4-OCT-2002 21:33 CST

Mr. McCammon,
Boy's Life is the most touching, enthralling book I have read. I have a library of well over a thousand books and that novel of yours is my favorite. Of the hundreds of books that I have read, only The World According to Garp came close in creating characters with whom I didn't want to part. Parts of Boy's Life (I think I read it last about 8 years ago) still vividly reside in my memory. And I'm happy to allow them the space in a very cluttered mind. I find most of your stories utterly engaging, I've read Mine, Gone South, The Wolf's Hour, Stinger and Blue World among others. I can't wait to get my hands on your new one. My brother-in-law (Leif Enger -- "Peace Like a River") and I were talking and fretting just tonight about the absence of a recent Robert McCammon novel. I just had to discover what you were doing and found you here. So very glad to hear that you are still writing. There are too few master storytellers kicking around. Hang in there.

Tom Davis
Oak Grove, MN USA - 1-OCT-2002 20:40 CST

Thank you Robert. I was born in '52...last day of england not dixie but what the hey a small town just the same.Swansong was the first book i read. Picked it up at Wilson's down on 4th st. one rainy day in a year i dont remember.Gave it to my son to read...named him Random but nearly named him Corwin after the Amber series by Zelazny. A dog ate the book before he could finish. I'll get another.I know what '64 was about..heck i was 12 same as you.Had a columia bike, a playground at the end of Eagle St. and there was water company woods up past the little league field on South Eagle where the witch lived.Just finished Boy's Life so i'll say thanx again cuz it I felt my dad's hand on my shoulder while i read it. A lot of synchronicity.Was looking for some clothes for my son at the Sally for a retro day at Northest High when i saw yer name on a book i hadnt read.So for 50 cents and a memory of Swans Song i picked it up.Always thought the class of '70 was special.Thanx for sharing yer dreams with us.I'm 50 now but my shelves are peppered with ballatine books and ace doubles from the 60's..grew up with Lovecraft and Asimov and Bradley...Dunsany and Branch Cabell..books find hard purchase now to compete with the internet tho i must brag a bit to say that both my sons are readers and if i have done anything at all over the long years from summer fields and old chevys to pcs and burning cds it is simply to try and instill the wonder of those images that only slow reading and deep thought can etch on a young mind. Thank you Robert from the bottom of my heart for Boy's Life. Ya know, i even have a wonder named Skye in my life now. Synchronicity..

st pete, fl USA - 27-SEP-2002 16:32 CST

Robert is a great author, and I have been collecting his books for quite some time. I have certain books that I love and will never let go of, one of them is a first edition copy of Boys Life, which is in mint condition. Another favorite of mine is Blue World. Robert has inspired me with his books, which I'm sure he's done for countless other book lovers as well. I love his sense of humor and style, which are both fresh and lively.
Thanks for keeping us happy on those windy, rainy nights, when the shadows dance and you could swear there's a ghost waiting for you to turn the lights out.

Mark Economakos
Las Vegas, NV USA - 27-SEP-2002 02:24 CST

It is time, help me get Swan Song, They Thirst & Wolf's Hour on to the big screen. If we learned anything this year it is that life is way to short and great stories need to be told. I have the story boards done and have written the screenplay in my head so many times it hurts. These are all great books with cult following, it is SCARY to think what will happen once these stories go Hollywood. Don't wait. Lets do it NOW. I own my own company, have 3 kids, run the local little league and would put it all on hold for a chance to "see these stories come to life"
Let me know your thoughts on why they havent been done and tell me if someone else owns the screenplay rights?
Ken Gibson

kEN Gibson
NY, NY USA - 25-SEP-2002 17:30 CST

Mr. McCammon:

I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. There is nothing like the feeling of entering a bookstore or library, the smell of books is indescribable. Many years ago I read your novel Swan Song. This was the most amazing book I have ever read, parts were hard to read because I was crying too hard to see the words. Since then I not only have read that novel several times, but everything else you have ever written. Your ability to tell a story is unmatched by any author I have read thus far. It was wonderful to see you had finally published another book! Thanks for the ride. Lisa

Lisa Albright
Brunswick, OH USA - 25-SEP-2002 16:07 CST

It's 1:30 am and I just finished reading Boys Life for the umpteenth time. I'm 42 and I want to thank Mr, McCammon again for reminding me what life was like growing up in a small town. I grew up in a little town in the middle of nowhere Oregon and remember the excitement when a Disney movie was made there (Napolean and Samantha with a very young Jodie Foster!). I look forward to the newest book! Thanks!

Elton Nesselrodt
Boise, ID USA - 14-SEP-2002 00:27 CST

It's about time!I've been waiting along timefor a new RRM masterpiece.Boy's Life is my all time favorite novel. Made me believe in the magic again!

Ed Cortright
Biddeford, Me. USA - 13-SEP-2002 21:07 CST

Cool site, loved the Night Boat.

Ian W
bradford, England - 12-SEP-2002 15:17 CST

Just wanted to say that I got my copy of SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD @ the signing 090902 & have just finished reading it! I found it to be a very good book...certainly it was a little different than Mr. McCammon's other stuff; but it contains a good mystery with twists & turns that rival the ones in BOY'S LIFE. I enjoyed the book very much & it was very nice to meet Mr. McCammon! He was very pleasant & accomodating (signing tons of stuff!). He spoke to every person (while i was there); asking questions & making comments...he seemed interested in what people had to say.

Embarrasing moment: my 12-year-old son went with me & when we got up to the signing table, he told Mr. McCammon that I had forced him to read BOY'S LIFE! Mr. McCammon just smiled and THEN my son told him that once he had gotten started--he had really liked the book...Mr. McCammon asked my son about his favorite authors & such. No telling what else my son would have said--but my pager went off & we had to leave!

I was disappointed that there was not a reading! But I was thrilled to meet one of my favorite authors & to get a signed copy of his new book!

Mr. McCammon: If you read this, thanks! I have read all of your books & loved them all! (i even enjoyed BAAL, BETHANY'S SIN, & NIGHT BOAT -- in a comic-book kind of way)...SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD was worth waiting for--but i hope that you will change your mind about retiring and will continue to write & publish books...I dont care what genre you choose to write: a good story is a good story--no matter whether it is horror or main-stream!

Joanna Brady-Head
Birmingham, AL USA - 12-SEP-2002 11:25 CST

Your name caught my eye and I began reading your books.
It would be a pleasure to meet with you someday.

Jon McCammon
Corona, Ca. USA - 12-SEP-2002 07:41 CST

Rick, It was a great privilege for me to meet you on Monday at your first book signing for the new book. It's been a long ten years, and you have been greatly missed. I look forward to savoring the new book, and hopefully many more in the future. Thanks too, to Hunter for keeping your many fans informed.

Birmingham, AL USA - 12-SEP-2002 07:36 CST

Rick, i have 175 kids reading Boy's Life for the eighth year now; you have a marvelous book for people who love to teach about books; foreshadowing and plotting are techniques that kids learn about from your book with out any teacher talk to interupt their thinking. They are all willing to believe in the creature from the lost world and we have fun with the metaphoric flying on the last day of school; I tell a story about my magic tennis shoes on the last days of my schooling. The values held up by your book are the kinds of things needed by young people and old alike in today's world. May you continue to have the stamina and courage to continue your writing. You'll get a kick out of this but I compare Cory's dreamy train trip with his monster friends and the lesson he learns on top of Davy's grave with the dark night of the soul experiences in The Brother's Karmazov, Catch 22, and The Oddysey (OK, it's an AP class and they're getting college credit and are reading those books) Cory descends into the underworld to discover how wonderful his home town really is and comes back providing his teacher with a moment of grace which she naturally rejects leaving her fair game for the demon. I'll stop now, Rick; you have given a teacher who has discovered books over a long career that has touched over 8,000 students another wonderful vehicle for touching their lives with the literary offerings that enrich a lifetime. Know that you are in a line with Lord of the Flies, Catch 22, Cat's Cradle, Prince of Tides, A Prayer for Owen Meany, The Power of One, The Alchemist, Crossing in Safety, Body and Soul, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Manteance, and Mark of Angels, all books that provide contemporary literature for my students because some kid brought them to me and said, "Mr. White, you've got to read this book; it's the greatest." And i trusted them and read their book and they were right. Vive the magic of kids.

Tim White
Aurora, Il USA - 10-SEP-2002 16:11 CST

So happy to find this site and know that you are still writing. Love all your books but especially Wolf's Hour which I hope you will do a sequel to. You will make many people even happier! Thanks again!

Sheila Savell
Mono City, CA USA - 10-SEP-2002 12:46 CST

In 1999, my AP English classes and I were distressed to read you were not planning to publish anymore. Your wife called me in response to a letter and we sent a video of thanks and appreciation and questions about Boy's Life to which you responded. One of my students told me about this site, and it's great to hear all is well. We are still reading Boy's Life the summer before AP English Language at Nova High School in Ft. Lauderdale (125 students this year!)and loving it. Joanne Miles

Joanne Miles
Hollywood, FL USA - 2-SEP-2002 12:31 CST

mr. mccammon, i know your work since i read swan song back in 89, when i was 15. i also read they thirst and got shocked. its good to see you again on the road.
i just read usher´s passing, its REAL horror, its the kind of horror i like the most.i have left some other novels to read, but i wana do it poco a poco.
well, youll always be on the top in my list of this genre, so important since the days of mr. poe, lovecraft..
i hope the sky is so blue in alabama, cos in your novels....

spain - 2-SEP-2002 00:49 CST

Like many others who have left messages here, I was heartbroken when you "retired", though I believe I understand some of the reasons. Your decision to return to mainstream fiction has brought me such joy that I can barely stay still long enough to type. I want to dance and cheer and shout out, "He's back!!!!"! Thank you, Mr. McCammon!

Jordan Yates
Lafayette, IN USA - 31-AUG-2002 09:44 CST

Everytime something new in my life occures I always read 'Boys Life'. When I was stressed with being the new person at a job several years ago I picked it up and the book gave me the right frame of mind to deal with it. Later, when I was faced with some challenging issues I read it again. On July 23rd of this year my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our first child. One month after she was born I happen to walk by our book case and like a magnet your story seemed to pull me in. With another change of life occuring (this one much more pleasent I might add) it is a perfect fit. I want my little girl to be blessed with a childhood of happiness and endless imagination. Your book is a perfect match. Thank You.

Bryan Fagan
Springfield, OR USA - 28-AUG-2002 11:57 CST

Sir, I wanted you to know the impact of your work has had on my life. My father was diagnosed with cancer in 1994 and needless to say, it was a very difficult time for him.
My family, not always very demonstritive pulled together and through his illness, perhaps, changed for the better.
The last few weeks of his life he made up his mind it was time to go home. The family,however, did`nt want to let go of hope that he would get well.
I cant tell you how helpless I felt. I miss him ever day.
It was around this time I picked up a book called BOY`S LIFE,
MR. McCammon I owe you more than I can repay . This book got me through some of my darkest times. I vividly remember laughing out loud while reading some of the scenes ( "Dance, Satan, Dance") etc.
Also I had forgotten the magic that was childhood and how much we all should hold on to that.
I just had to say thank you,and never let go of the magic.

Paul Loman
Lakeland, FL. USA - 27-AUG-2002 19:18 CST

Thank you, Mr. McCammon, for coming out of 'retirement' to write what I'm sure is another ***** book. Shortly before my having retired from the US Army in 1993, my last assignment was to a NATO communications site near Naples, Italy. Getting to and from the site required a 1.5 hour bus ride each way. What a long and boring ride it was every day, until one day at the military library, I saw "Swan Song" on the self-service swap shelf, and thought it would be a good way to fill the time on the long bus trip. I never expected to be so drawn into a book that I was getting in trouble for reading on the job (a la the Twilight Zone episode titled "Time Enough At Last"). Since reading "Swan Song", I've never found another book to even come close in describing the human spirit in crisis. I've since read several more of your books: Stinger, Baal, Wolf's Hour and Mine. I've also picked up others of the same apocalyptic genre, but have found none to equal "Swan Song". I will simply say that it was indeed the best book, bar none, that I have ever read. From 1990 through 1992, I read it 5 times, and have recommended it to everyone that I know who would appreciate it. I've read many people's comments asking when the movie would be made. I, for one, think a movie is unnecessary and besides that could not possibly enrich the experience of reading it. Most movies of classic books are major disappointments.
To close, I just want to say to Mr. McCammon: Thank you for having impacted my life in such a positive way. The only negative aspect of having read your masterpiece is that all the others afterward are somewhat boring. I can't remember when I last read a book all the way through, so I'm naturally anxiously awaiting publication of your latest. Thank you.

Gary L. Stanley
Silver Spring, MD USA - 25-AUG-2002 20:38 CST

I just finished reading Boy's life
(Translated into Japanese)
began to read from yesterday,
and I was very moved.

Nagano Japan - 25-AUG-2002 02:27 CST

Robert it is fanatastic to see you coming out of "retirement!" I am looking forward to reading your new book, "Speaks the Nightbird" with much anticipation! I have read all your previous works and "Swan Song" is still my favorite book of all time. I've read it four times, I will most likely read it again and I recommend it to all my friends. It moved me in many ways and some parts drove me to tears, made me gasp out loud and at some parts I laughed in delight. :o) Thanks for sharing your wonderful and creative mind and I hope you will continue in the future to write such amazing stories. A fan for life...

Kerri Joseph
Canada - 23-AUG-2002 07:55 CST

I am so glad to see you have a new offering coming out. I have read all your previous books and enjoyed them thoroughly. I was not aware that you had withdrawn from publishing altogether and had frequently searched for new titles of your's. Now I know why that didn't appear. I read a review by Bev Vincent in CD Mag. and finally discovered the reason. It's too bad that an editor was able to discourage you to such an extent that you left publishing altogether. I loved all your books and especially "MINE" and felt as though you had turned a corner is your career and I was looking forward to future offerings. Now that has come to pass with the release of this newest book. I am definitely looking forward to reading "Speaks the Nightbird" and hope that this gets your creative juices and desires flowing again. You have been greatly missed.
A devoted follower,

Judith Stoner
CA USA - 21-AUG-2002 14:44 CST

gotta love his work

kurt butler
mechanicsville, va USA - 19-AUG-2002 14:34 CST

Boy's Life is exhilerating! It is perfect for kids teenage boy's and adults. Robert McCammon, I'd like to say that you have an astronomical mind. Your books are fantastic, but I think Boy's Life was the best. I love how you described old Moses and all the characters. So, thanks for writing that book and I hope you make many more like it. #

Concord, CT USA - 18-AUG-2002 11:20 CST

cant say ive ever read any of the books but have loved nightcrawlers since the first time i ever saw the episode.never knew about the books till now and i will have a read asap.would love 2 see nightcrawlers redone maybe as a movie.

dublin, ireland - 13-AUG-2002 21:16 CST

About nine years ago I picked up my first McCammon book, only because I did book reviews and I needed to give a bad one out because all my good ones were used up. Surprisenly I wasn't disappointed at all, in fact I read most of your books and most of them were good. I stopped doing book reviews years ago but a few weeks ago I picked up some old paperbacks and hope to get some time to read them while I am on break from college. Enjoy your piece of mind, Mr. McCammon, and a million thanks for Boy's Life.

Derrick Sturgeon
Tahlequah, OK USA - 11-AUG-2002 02:30 CST

your novel they thirst is the greatest one I have ever read even though in my country your talent is not known I cant tell you how great you are, you have reached me in another country in another language and at the young age of 15

bogota , colombia - 6-AUG-2002 17:19 CST

Bienvenido de vuelta Sr. Mcccammon!!!
Welcome Back Mr. Mccammon!!! :-)

I´ve been enjoying your work since I read swan´s song (which I too consider one of your greatest work).
And definitely, I am looking forward for this upcoming book!!!

Please dont let us wait another ten years for another book!!!

best regards
Luis Morales

Luis Morales
Monterrey, NL Mexico - 6-AUG-2002 14:35 CST

In 1988 I picked up a paperback "Swan Song" and began a journey that I never thought possible. In the years that followed I've read every novel and short story written by Mr. Mc Cammon that I can get my hands on. In my opinion there is not another author that even comes close to telling a story the way he can. Reading his work quickly transformed me from a television junkie to an avid reader (and TV junkie). From there I found myself constantly thinking about becoming a writer.
Would I ever manage to take the things swirling around in my head and transform them into a work of art? While I wouldn't call short stories and magazine articles art, it is progress. There will be a novel in my future, and when I do finally cross that hurdle, I'll look back at one author that gave me inspiration at an early age. His name is Robert R Mc Cammon. It's good to have you back.
John Carter

John Carter
St Petersburg, FL USA - 6-AUG-2002 13:28 CST

Some years ago, maybe 8 or 10 in fact, a friend lent me a book called 'Swan Song'. Having been a horror and science fiction fan for many years previously, but not hearing of Robert R McCammon, I decided to read it with open mind. It lead me onto a journey of new reading. After that book, I went on to read more and more, Swan Song was, and still is to this day, my all time favourite book. As a result McCammon became my favourite author, better than Shaun Hutson and Stephen King, without a doubt. After looking on this website I am thrilled to read that a new novel will be out soon. It's been a long time, too long......

annabel allinson
cleveland, england - 6-AUG-2002 03:46 CST

Today i was in the west end and spotted a book named Mine by Robert, i have been looking for his stuff for a while now because i keep hearing how good a writer he is. i'm really looking forward to reading this book, i also bought Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons, At the moment i am reading Needful Things by King, this is a real black comedy. King is so popular that some people like to knock him, but he's written many classic novels. I was told that Swansong is a superb novel and that McCammon is a great writer, and he should get more recognition. I'll be back.

Mr M.Orbid
London, UK - 3-AUG-2002 15:02 CST

Hey Rick - Glad to hear you're back. Any chance you'll be doing readings/signings at the old alma mater? Get in touch if you do. Thanks, Mark

Mark Hughes Cobb
Tuscaloosa, AL USA - 2-AUG-2002 15:34 CST

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