Castle Rock 11/88: "Robert R. McCammon"

November 1988

From the Archives:
"Interview with Robert R. McCammon"
by Jodi Strissel

Webmaster's note: This article appeared in the November 1988 issue of Castle Rock: The Stephen King Newsletter.

Robert R. McCammon: you've seen the name before. Most likely on the best selling charts for his epic novel Swan Song. His most recent book, Stinger, is also enjoying great success. His career is on a horrific roll, and does not seem to be slowing. Book dealers are beginning to realize the marketability of a British edition of Baal, his first novel. First editions are becoming quite collectable also; I've seen dealers asking as much as $35 for a tattered paperback copy of They Thirst. This would lead one to believe that the name Robert R. McCammon is one to keep an eye for in coming years. This interview should keep readers updated.

Jodi Strissel: With the recent sucess of Swan Song and now Stinger, are you happy with the direction in which your career is headed?

Robert R. McCammon: Yes, I'm very happy with the way my career is going, because more people are reading my work. My publisher, Pocket Books, is doing a tremendous job in getting the books out to the stores, and the support of a publisher really means a lot.

J.S.: Do you have any limited editions planned for the future?

R.M.: I have a limited edition of Swan Song planned, but the details aren't filled in yet so I'd better not mention the publisher. We'll see. (Since this interview was conducted the author has learned Robert R. McCammon has signed with Dark Harvest for a limited edition of Swan Song.)

J.S.: When will the short story collection with "Blue World" be out, and what other material will the book contain?

R.M.: Blue World should be out sometime in 1989. It contains almost all the short stories I've done up to this point, and the novellette "Blue World" is a departure for me because it's not really supernatural horror... It's about a priest in San Francisco who becomes obsessed with a porno actress, and he begins to follow her... It's kind of an Alfred Hitchcock type of thing, and I'm very proud of how it developed.

J.S.: Have you ever thought of collaborating on a novel with another author?

R.M.: No, I've never thought of collaborations. What a disaster that might be! Honestly, I don't think anyone could stand working with me.

J.S.: Are you planning on attending any conventions in the near future?

R.M.: No conventions until next year. I'm laying low and taking a breather... They're a lot of fun, but they really wear me out.

J.S.: Have you ever thought of making one of your novels into a film?

R.M.: Yes, I hope that sooner or later one of books becomes a film. Of course, it might be one of Hollywood's biggest disasters, so then where would that set me? I consider all of my books as movies already—movies for the mind. I design the sets, do the costumes, the sound, the lighting, the casting, all of it...

J.S.: Which author do you feel has influenced your work?

R.M.: Stephen King, of course. The dynamic writing of King and his great characterizations have energized an entire generation of writers. But I don't want to be King! No! No! No! I want to be the best Robert R. McCammon I can be. I'm still learning my own personal style and I think my writing is coming along... Ray Bradbury was also a great influence. I grew up on Poe, Burroughs, and Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. Didn't everybody?

J.S.: What can we expect from Robert R. McCammon in the near future?

R.M.: Other than Blue World, my next novel is called The Wolf's Hour and should be out next March. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time and I think my writing ability had to grow before I was able to do the book. I've very pleased with how it turned out.

(The author would like to thank Robert R. McCammon for taking the time out to complete this interview.)

Jodi Strissel is a Castle Rock reader from New Canaan, Conn.

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