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Last updated November 14, 2007

Director and screenwriter Frank Darabont, best known for his movies The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, has long wanted to adapt Robert McCammon's 1990 novel MINE to the big screen. As of today, there is a finished script for the movie, but no studio has signed on to produce it yet. Mr. Darabont continues to hope that the movie will be made.

Below are the updates we've received from Mr. Darabont over the past few years concerning his adaptation of MINE.


"Now that the last five years of intense directing crapola is behind me, I'm absolutely blissed about shifting gears back into writing mode for a year or two. Topping my list of priorities are at long last finishing MINE (I've had the first HALF of the script written for five years now, but got waylaid by Green Mile and Majestic!), finally adapting Steve King's The Mist, and also adapting Mr. Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. These are all possible directing/producing projects for me.
Rick and his fans should know that my enthusiasm for MINE has never dampened, and I'm itching to get back to it."
--Frank Darabont, 02/16/02

Note: the script was completed in September 2002.


"I came close to getting MINE into production this year, but it was a near-miss. For those who may not know, getting a movie greenlit for production is like having the planets align—countless factors all have to come together at the right moment for anything to happen. I remain committed to making MINE, and am currently in a search for the actresses to play the lead roles of Laura and Mary. I'm hoping to get the movie before the cameras at some point in 2006, although it might be later that year rather than earlier. That's because circumstance and opportunity (the planets aligning) might dictate that I direct my adaptation of Stephen King's great horror novella, The Mist, first. If so, I will likely start shooting The Mist this coming December, '05."
--Frank Darabont, 08/03/05


  • Film director Frank Darabont still hopes to get a film version of Robert McCammon's MINE made. In a new SCI FI Wire, Darabont talks about his future projects. Here are the MINE-relevant bits:

    Darabont Mulls 451 Remake

    Writer-director Frank Darabont told SCI FI Wire that he's considering remaking Fahrenheit 451 and doing a film based on Robert McCammon's SF novel Mine, among other options for his next project. Darabont (the upcoming The Mist) said that Fahrenheit 451, based on Ray Bradbury's classic SF novel, is closest to becoming a reality.


    Mine, meanwhile, is Robert McCammon's psychological horror tale about a deeply disturbed female 1960s revolutionary who kidnaps a baby, goes on a killing spree and sparks a desperate chase. "That is also in the works," Darabont said. "We're working on that, too. That is an intense and primal thriller. It's a female-driven thriller, which is perhaps one of the reasons that it's not an obvious 'yes' for a studio. The hero and the villain are great women's roles, and studios kind of have to be talked into that thing, because it's not the obvious to them."

    — Ian Spelling
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