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Mister Slaughter
By Robert McCammon
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Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Vincent Chong

The Subterranean Press edition of Mister Slaughter is the only version currently under contract. It is available in three unique editions.

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover ($24.95)
Limited: 274 numbered copies, fully bound in leather, signed by Robert McCammon, and housed in a custom slipcase ($125)
Lettered: 26 lavishly bound copies, signed, housed in a custom traycase ($500)

Length: 400 pages (tentative)


The world of Colonial America comes vibrantly to life in this masterful new historical thriller by Robert McCammon. The latest entry in the popular Matthew Corbett series, which began with Speaks the Nightbird and continued in The Queen of Bedlam, Mister Slaughter opens in the emerging metropolis of New York City in 1702, and proceeds to take both Matthew and the reader on an unforgettable journey of horror, violence, and personal discovery.

The journey begins when Matthew, now an apprentice "problem solver" for the London-based Herrald Agency, accepts an unusual and hazardous commission. Together with his colleague, Hudson Greathouse, he agrees to escort the notorious mass murderer Tyranthus Slaughter from an asylum outside Philadelphia to the docks of New York. Along the way, Slaughter makes his captors a surprising—and extremely tempting—offer. Their response to this offer will alter the course of the novel, setting in motion a series of astonishing, ultimately catastrophic events.

Mister Slaughter is at once a classic portrait of an archetypal serial killer and an exquisitely detailed account of a fledgling nation still in the process of inventing itself. Suspenseful, illuminating, never less than compulsively readable, it is, by any measure, an extraordinary achievement, the largest accomplishment to date from one of our most gifted—and necessary—writers.

— from the Subterranean Press site

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McCammon, Robert. Mister Slaughter Subterranean. Jan. 2010. c.440p. ISBN 978-1-59606-276-4. $24.95.

In this third installment of his Matthew Corbett series (after Speaks the Nightbird and The Queen of Bedlam), McCammon delivers a twisted tale of pure evil. In 1702 New York City, Matthew and his colleague Hudson Greathouse agree to take on the assignment of transporting evil mass murderer Tyranthus Slaughter from an asylum near Philadelphia to a waiting ship docked in New York. Along the way, Tyranthus strikes an unusual deal with the two men, setting in motion horrific carnage that leads back to Philadelphia. Matthew faces the misery of his mistakes and begins to figure out a battle plan to face this devil. But by the time Matthew catches up to him, a dark plot that reaches beyond the new colonies has been hatched. VERDICT Fans of dark historicals will enjoy this thrill ride, but they should be ready for some heavy-handed violence with a balance of historical context and intrigue.Ron Samul, New London, CT

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New!!  From Publishers Weekly, October 19, 2009
Mr. Slaughter Robert McCammon. Subterranean (, $24.95 (440p) ISBN 978-1-59606-276-4

Murder and ghoulish mayhem are the order of the day in bestseller McCammon's colorful third thriller featuring problem-solver Matthew Corbett and his escapades in early 18th-century America. After confronting a criminal mastermind in The Queen of Bedlam (2007), Matthew finds himself a celebrity whose exploits have become sensational fodder for colonial tabloids. This heady attention contributes to a bad lapse of judgment when he and his senior associate, Hudson Greathouse, accidentally allow a brutal murderer, Tyranthus Slaughter, to give them the slip while they transport him to prison in Philadelphia. The rousing narrative details Matthew's dogged pursuit of the indestructible Tyranthus as the killer cuts a bloody swath through the Pennsylvania wilderness. McCammon shows a sure hand balancing scenes of Matthew's quiet contemplation with the cold-blooded carnage that makes his quarry's name so appropriate. (Jan.)

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