Robert R. McCammon's STINGER


From the British Kinnell hardcover dust jacket:

"Suddenly he was tumbling forward, falling through darkness. His mouth opened in a cry of terror as he realized that the room had no floor, that he was crashing through the roof of Hell....

And the he heard something that made the hairs stir at the nape of his neck....

It was a furtive, scuttling sound; a moist sound. Something was moving in the darkness below...."

Two aliens arrive in a remote Texas town, one an engaging waif, pursued by the other, a relentless bounty-hunter sent to bring her back. The townsfolk rally around the fugitive, but STINGER, the bounty-hunter, covers the town with a force field. No one can escape as he begins his search using replicants of the town's inhabitants—exact copies of humans but with silver claws for hands and razor-blade teeth...STINGERS!

From the Pocket Books paperback: enemy more fearsome, more hideous than the most heart-stopping nightmares. STINGER...who ravages a remote Texas town until the men and women of Inferno rise up in a final, desperate battle. No evil yet known to man can match the searing hell of...STINGER.

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