The Big J Read - August 18, 2009

The Big J Read: Boy's Life Author Visit
Jesuit High School
New Orleans, LA
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photos by Jack Culicchia

Tuesday morning, Blue Jays complete forms to measure their interest
in the community novel, Boy's Life. Freshmen Jason Quigley (left) 
and Jordan Rice work on their responses.

Pre-freshmen Coury Miller (front) and Gavin Pertuit

Principal Michael Giambelluca (left) and Alumni Director Mat Grau
welcome Boy's Life author Robert McCammon.

Mr. Giambelluca opens the special assembly.

Jesuit English teacher Jeff Wilson sets the stage for the morning's presentation.
Mr. Wilson talked about Mr. McCammon and introduces the band Clockwerk,
which offered the Blue Jays a sample of the music from the 1960's.

Clockwerk performed music from The Beatles, The Zombies, and The Guess Who.
On the keyboard is Jesuit's Music Director Joe Caluda.
The music from the 1960's plays a role in the novel.

Robert McCammon talks to the Blue Jays about overcoming
disappointment and taking advantage of opportunities
to discover, to learn, and to think.

After his talk, Mr. McCammon answered questions from the audience.
Here, junior LG Williams poses his question about the novel.

Senior Fritz Metzinger

Mr. McCammon answers the question of this young Blue Jay.

Mr. McCammon answers a question from senior Paul Mickan (right).

Mr. McCammon responds to pre-freshman Sean Stephens's question.

Mr. McCammon chats with English teacher Gale Alexander
at a luncheon reception in the school's recource center.

The Big J Read Committee takes a photo with Robert McCammon: Jeff Wilson (left),
Malcolm Villarrubia, Sylvia Schild, Robert McCammon,
Mat Grau, and Michael Giambelluca.
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