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Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL, November 21, 2002

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Author McCammon generates quite a bit of buzz on Web site

Blu Gilliand
Montgomery Advertiser

Robert R. McCammon: For an author whose recently published book, Speaks the Nightbird, was his first in 10 years, Robert R. McCammon has a very healthy official Web site.

Although a little busier lately as McCammon's new book, a highly anticipated novel about a witch trial set in 1699, has set his generous fan base buzzing, the site generally is more extensive than other writers' sites.

Most notable is a fiction section that reprints several McCammon short stories from various magazines and anthologies.

The Flea Market link carries you to a message board where dealers and fans offer signed books and other collectibles for sale.

There's also another message board where McCammon's work can be discussed.

The site houses a complete bibliography, archives of interviews and reviews, and downloadable editions of Lights Out!, a newsletter published from 1989-1991 by the site's webmaster.

All of this is presented in a clean, quick, easy-to-navigate style.

This is one of the better author sites out there, and McCammon is a very good author. Whether you're an established fan, or looking for someone new to read, this site is certainly worth taking a look at.

Blu Gilliand is the online content editor for the Montgomery Advertiser.
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