From the Archives: Robert McCammon interviews Al Sarrantonio at WFC 1990


Al Sarrantonio—WFC 1990 (Photo by Hunter Goatley)

One of the features planned for Lights Out! was a series of author interviews conducted by Robert McCammon. The only interview actually published in the newsletter was with author and editor Al Sarrantonio. The published, incomplete transcript of the interview can be found here.

The interview with Al was conducted by Robert McCammon and Hunter Goatley in Al’s room at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Schaumburg, Illinois, at about 2:30 AM during the 1990 World Fantasy Convention (November 3, 1990).

The microcassette used to record the interview was recently rediscovered, and the interview is presented here for your listening pleasure. If you’ve ever used a microcassette recorder, you know that high-fidelity audio was not one of its calling cards. Every effort was expended to make the audio as listenable as possible.

You can listen to the 32-minute interview in the player below, or right-click on the download icon to download the MP3.


Robert McCammon & Al Sarrantonio—WFC 1990 (Photo by Hunter Goatley)

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