Jul 162019

Cemetery Dance has posted a production update for their limited edition of Usher’s Passing:

Usher’s Passing by Robert McCammon:

Robert McCammon has signed the signature sheets, the interior artwork is now completed, and this title just needs two more proofreads to be ready. (The file we started with had some problems due to the age of the book, so we’re being extra careful with our proofreading!)



Borderlands Press to publish a Robert McCammon Little Book

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Jun 302019

The most recent newsletter from Borderlands Press included this paragraph:

Special Note:

Series III is almost completely sold out. It’s not too late to subscribe to the entire series of great Little Books with some upcoming writers such as Ramsey Campbell, Robert R. McCammon, Caitlyn Kiernan, and others to be announced. To set up your subscription, Contact us at info@borderlandspress.com.

If you’re not familiar with the Borderlands Press Little Books, they are a series of little books featuring a variety of content from the authors. Some are collections of new short stories, some collections of reprints, some collections of essays, etc. Each book is a different color. Titles include A Little Purple Book of Phantasies, by Gahan Wilson, and A Little Cobalt Book of Old Blue Stories…and Stuff, by Mort Castle.

There are no details yet on the Robert McCammon book, but I can tell you that he plans to write four new short stories for the book. I’ll provide more details when I can.

A subscription to the series is not necessary. The Robert McCammon book will be sold individually, and Cemetery Dance posted that they will have copies available for sale, too.


Locus Awards 2019

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Jun 302019

The 2019 Locus Awards were awarded yesterday, June 29, 2019, in Seattle, WA. The Listener was one of the ten finalists for Best Horror Novel. The award went to Paul Tremblay’s The Cabin at the End of the World.

Robert McCammon attended the event and participated in a panel entitled, “Playing in the Historical Sandbox,” along with authors Amal El-Mohtar, Darryl Gregory, Molly Tanzer, and Connie Willis. With thanks to Mindi Welton-Mitchell, here are two photos of the panel that she posted on Twitter.

“Playing in the Historical Sandbox” with (L->R) Robert McCammon, Amal El-Mohtar, Darryl Gregory, Molly Tanzer, and Connie Willis. Photo by Mindi Welton-Mitchell.

“Playing in the Historical Sandbox” with (L->R) Robert McCammon, Amal El-Mohtar, Darryl Gregory, Molly Tanzer, and Connie Willis. Photo by Mindi Welton-Mitchell.


Cemetery Dance post: The Cardinal Black limited edition slipcase

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Jun 302019

Brian Freeman from Cemetery Dance posted this in the CD Forum today:

The slipcases for the Limited Edition of CARDINAL BLACK are on the way to the warehouse. Here’s a quick photo of how things turned out:

The limited edition is long sold out, but trade hardcovers can be ordered from CD here.

Still available is the signed, limited edition from UK publisher SST Publications.


The T-shirts are back!

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Jun 222019

Actually, the old T-shirts never went away, I just haven’t promoted them much recently. I’ve finally created T-shirts that feature the cover art from Freedom of the Mask and Cardinal Black. Vincent Chong graciously allowed me to reproduce his cover art on the shirts.

The T-shirts can be ordered from Spreadshirt. The prices of the shirts are the base prices from Spreadshirt. In order to keep the prices as low as possible, we did not tack on any additional fees.

Robert McCammon shirts at Spreadshirt


Robert McCammon: “My Creations”

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Jun 062019

Bestselling author Robert McCammon wrote a song about his creations and worked with filmmaker Chuck Hartsell to create this fun music video that features some of them. Full credits can be found below the embedded video.

“My Creations” on YouTube

Music and Lyrics by RMC (Robert McCammon)

Brian Maddox – Baal (representing the novel Baal)
Emmaleigh Bailey – Amazon Queen (representing the novel Bethany’s Sin)
Shane Traffanstedt – Zombie (representing the novel The Night Boat)
Christy Yearta – Vampire (representing the novel They Thirst)
Daniel Yearta – Werewolf (representing the novel The Wolf’s Hour)
Taylor Latham – Wrestler (representing the novel Swan Song)
Chris Smith & Taylor Kabase – Colonial Man and Woman (representing the Matthew Corbett series)

Chuck Hartsell – Director
Bill Schweikert – Director of Photography
Tabitha Davis – Makeup
Josh Hester – Makeup
Ruben Wehunt – Grip
Chance Shirley – Grip
Gage Kelley – Grip
Jeff Brown – Production Assistant

Shot on location at Warehouse 31 in Pelham, Alabama


Possible Matthew Corbett series for FX

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Jun 032019

From Deadline:

Stephen Susco To Adapt Robert McCammon’s ‘Speaks The Nightbird’ For Potential FX Series

By Mike Fleming, Jr
June 3, 2019 5:33pm

EXCLUSIVEFX is developing the Robert McCammon horror novel Speaks The Nightbird for a potential series, and Stephen Susco has been set to adapt.

Wolper Organization’s Mark Wolper, Kevin Matusow for The Traveling Picture Show Company, Shay Prentice and Kevin Nicklaus will produce.

The bestseller tells the dark and chilling tale about a witch-hunt in the seventeenth century Carolina colonies. The series centers around the main character Matthew Corbett.

Susco most recently wrote and directed Unfriended: Dark Web for Blumhouse and Universal, a film that premiered at SXSW last year. Susco scripted The Grudge and The Grudge 2, a highly profitable horror series for Sony.

Susco is repped by Verve.

That’s all the information I have about the project at this time. And it’s not a horror novel.