MINE audiobook is now available from Audible

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Mar 292018

Audible has released their audiobook production of Robert McCammon’s 1990 thriller, MINE. The audiobook is narrated by Isabelle Gordon.

If you purchase or own the Kindle edition of MINE, you can purchase the audiobook for only $7.49.

With this release, every Robert McCammon book is now available in audiobook form from Audible. Ordering links for all of the audiobooks—both from Audible and from GraphicAudio—can be found on the Audiobooks page.

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Audible UK


More audiobooks coming from Audible!

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Jan 052018

Audible will release the audiobook edition of The Listener on the book’s publication date, February 27, 2018.

The week before that, on February 20, Audible will release audiobook editions of StingerMystery Walk, and Usher’s Passing. On March 28, they will release the audiobook edition of MINE. When that is published, there will be audiobook editions of every Robert McCammon title!

I’m still awaiting details and pre-order links, but Nick Sullivan is narrating Stinger and Mystery Walk. He tweeted this on January 4, 2018, in reply to a post about a Mystery Walk ebook sale:

Gabra Zackman will narrate MINE. Scott Aiello is narrating Usher’s Passing.

As soon as the pre-order links are live, I’ll post them!


More audiobooks on the way!

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Oct 032017

Audible has acquired the audiobook rights to the remaining four Robert McCammon novels without audio editions: StingerMINEUsher’s Passing, and Mystery Walk. No release date is available, but as soon as we have more information, we’ll let you know!

May 292015

The Border audiobookThe ebook edition of The Border is now available from Amazon CA! It’s also available for Kobo in Canada. The audiobook edition should be available on Monday, June 1.

There have been a number of blog reviews posted recently; here are some of them:


Oct 182011

Open Road Integrated Media has released nine of Robert McCammon’s novels in ebook format!  The books are available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony, Kobo, and other sites.  On their Robert McCammon page, you can find links to purchase the ebooks, as well as a video profile of Robert McCammon, which can also be seen below.

The Robert McCammon page at Open Road Media

It was originally announced that all of Robert McCammon’s pre-Speaks the Nightbird backlist would be published in ebook format today, but there was a rights mixup, and the first four books are not yet available.  Those books (Baal, Bethany’s Sin, The Night Boat, and They Thirst) will be released as ebooks in the coming months by Subterranean Press, which will also be publishing signed limited editions of each novel.  The first limited edition and ebook, Baal, will be published in November 2011 and can be ordered from Subterranean Press.

In addition to the ebook releases, Simon & Schuster has re-released their abridged audiobooks of Boy’s Life and Gone South. Both are available from Audible, Ambling Books, and other sites. Again, please note that these releases are the 3-hour abridged audiobooks originally released in 1991 and 1992.

Oct 092011

Robert McCammon eBooksOn October 18, 2011, much of Robert McCammon’s pre-Speaks the Nightbird backlist, from Mystery Walk through Gone South, will be available in various eBook formats. The books will be published by Open Road Integrated Media, and more information, including a video profile of Robert McCammon, will be available on October 18.

The books are already pre-orderable from Amazon (Kindle) and iTunes (iBooks).  Click here for order links for all of the McCammon ebooks! As soon as Barnes & Noble adds the titles, the page will be updated to include the NOOK links, as well.



More reviews of The Five, more blog posts, and a reader T-shirt photo

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Jun 282011

More fantastic reviews of The Five have popped up on various sites.  Here are some of the more notable reviews:

And here are several other recent mentions of Robert McCammon’s work:

Finally, reader Kevin Richardson posted this photo of his The Five t-shirt to the Robert McCammon Facebook page, along with the caption:

"Just finished reading The Five and love it. I even got in the last show free."

You can read more about the T-shirts by clicking here.


New interview on Italian site and blogs around the ‘net

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Jul 152010
  • The Italian website ThrillerCaf� has posted a new interview with Robert McCammon regarding the recent release of Mary Terror (MINE) from Gargoyle Books. An English version of the interview can be found here.
  • A review of Mary Terror was recently posted to the Italian site Ca’ delle Ombre. A translation of the review via Google Translate can be found here. Here is a quote from the review:

    “Perhaps the most beautiful and complete novel by Robert McCammon never published in Italy, Mary Terror has an intrinsic message of rare beauty and magnificence….”

  • Author Bob Ford recently posted an open letter to Robert McCammon on his blog. Magic Among Pages describes his thoughts after recently reading Boy’s Life for the first time.
  • Publishers Weekly recently posted a profile of Subterranean Press that mentions the release of Mister Slaughter as an ebook.
  • The website E-zine Articles recently posted a new review of The Queen of Bedlam: A Summer Must-Read: The Queen of Bedlam. Here is a quote from the review:

    “Again, Robert McCammon showcases his versatility and amazing talent in crossing genres directly into a suspense novel. This page turner is set in early Eighteenth century Manhattan. There is a serial killer on the loose and Matthew must find him. Then, the book morphs into a journey of… rich characters, hairpin turns, unexpected surprises, and a bunch of ‘wow, who would have thought that.'”

  • Author Alison Kent blogs about Swan Song and concludes with:

    “Bottom line, McCammon is an incredible storyteller. There’s a reason this book is still in print twenty-five years later. I loved it!”