Vincent Chong remarques for The Wolf’s Hour and The Hunter from the Woods

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May 292020

I just found these remarques by Vincent Chong for The Wolf’s Hour and The Hunter from the Woods. I’d seen a photo of the latter before, but this is the first time I’ve seen a remarque for The Wolf’s Hour. Most excellent! The remarqued limited editions are currently listed for sale as a set on ABE by a bookseller in the UK.  (A remarque is an original drawing in a book.) Thanks to Paul Evans for the photos.


Seasons of Terror trade release in March 2021

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Oct 302019

May 22, 2020, update: According to Amazon, the publication date for this book is now March 23, 2021.

Back in September, we told you about Cemetery Dance’s announcement to publish Seasons of Terror, a graphic collection of four stories by Bradbury, King, Jackson, and McCammon, all adapted by Richard Chizmar. You can read about that here. The Robert McCammon story in this collection is “The Man from London,” originally published in The Hunter from the Woods.

Simon & Schuster will publish a trade hardcover edition (and fixed layout ebook) of this publication under their Gallery Books imprint on March 31, 2020 March 23, 2021. Their edition is now available for pre-ordering from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

From the S&S webpage:

Spine-tingling stories that can be enjoyed all year round—this deliciously creepy and gorgeously wrought graphic anthology introduces a new generation to four literary giants—Ray Bradbury, Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, and Robert McCammon.

In the spring, a young girl hears a woman crying for help from beneath the dirt in her backyard, but no one seems to believe her…During summertime, a college student inexplicably walks deeper and deeper into the thick forest, until he happens upon a stone cottage whose inhabitants lead a very particular way of life…Before the fall chill arrives, a group of friends embark on an adventurous weekend to a remote lake where a sinister force awaits…In the dark depths of winter, behind frigid enemy lines, Great Britain’s most potent weapon against Nazi Germany lives between worlds: good and evil, and man and wolf….

With evocative prose and vivid illustrations, these unforgettable stories—“The Screaming Woman” by Ray Bradbury; “The Man in the Woods” by Shirley Jackson; “The Raft” by Stephen King; and “The Man from London” by Robert McCammon—embody the seasons in which they are set, bringing you to the very edge of reality, mixing the best elements of the mythology of our youth with the perilous horrors of adulthood.


Kazuki Tamada’s “picture show” illustrations from The Wolf’s Hour

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Jan 022018

Happy New Year!

We’re starting the year off with a fantastic video from Japanese illustrator Kazuki Tamada! His favorite Robert McCammon novel is The Wolf’s Hour, and he sent in this kamisabi, which is a Japanese traditional storytelling style that translates as a “picture-story show.” This video features illustrations and music by Kazuki Tamada that tell the opening chapter of The Wolf’s Hour. It’s a pretty amazing piece of work!

You can view it on YouTube.

You can see more of Kazuki Tamada’s work here, including other great pieces based on The Wolf’s Hour and others.

You can see lots more great artwork contributed by fans in the Fan Artwork gallery.

Oct 102017

The CD edition of GraphicAudio‘s TREVOR LAWSON audiobook, which includes both I TRAVEL BY NIGHT and LAST TRAIN FROM PERDITION, is on sale today for only $10. Apply the code TREVOR, and that brings it down to $8.

On top of that, you can get 20% off of their production of THE WOLF’S HOUR using the code WOLF!

Robert McCammon’s Trevor Lawson at GraphicAudio

Robert McCammon’s The Wolf’s Hour at GraphicAudio

Image may contain:

New fan art from Kazuki Tamada

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Sep 242016

Japanese artist and McCammon fan Kazuki Tamada has contributed a new illustration inspired by They Thirst, as well as photos of statues he made depicting Speaks the Nightbird‘s Rachel Howarth and werewolves from The Wolf’s Hour. Click on each image to view more, or see all of Kazuki Tamada’s McCammon-inspired art here.

They Thirst
View a large version

Kazuki also created some small statues of Rachel Howarth from Speaks the Nightbird and werewolves from The Wolf’s Hour. Click on the image or click here to view more images of his great statues.

Mar 212016

German publisher Luzifer has acquired the rights to publish a German translation of Speaks the Nightbird, the first book in Robert McCammon’s Matthew Corbett series. I’ll post more details as I get them.

Translations of Speaks the Nightbird have been previously published in Japan, Russia, Korea, and France.

German readers can also look forward to the two-volume German translation of The Wolf’s Hour that will be published this summer.


German paperbacks of The Wolf’s Hour coming in June 2016!

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Jul 022015

German publisher Festa Verlag will publish a two-volume German translation of The Wolf’s Hour in June 2016. You can see more about the releases and pre-order them on their website: Wolf’s Hour Band 1: Die Verwandlung and Wolf’s Hour Band 2: Berserker. The translation was done by Manfred Sanders, who also translated the Festa edition of Swan Song.

This is the first German edition of The Wolf’s Hour.

The books will also be available from Amazon DE at some point.

Click on each image to view a larger version of the covers by Arndt Drechsler.



GraphicAudio sale for The Wolf’s Hour set

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Jun 272015

The GraphicAudio The Wolf’s Hour CD set is on sale for 25% off the regular price until June 30, 2015. The 21-CD set includes their adaptations of The Wolf’s Hour and The Hunter from the Woods. The sale price is $59.97 for the 24 hours of audio.

The Wolf’s Hour CD set from GraphicAudio

GraphicAudio productions feature a narrator, music, sound effects, and full voice casts. Their slogan is “A Movie in Your Mind.”


Serbian translations published

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Dec 302014

Serbian publisher Paladin has published the first parts of Serbian translations of Swan Song and The Wolf’s Hour. The conclusions of both stories will be published in Spring 2015. Aside from a translation of the short story “Eat Me,” these are the first Serbian translations of Robert McCammon’s work.

Click on each image to view a larger version.