Jan 202021

Australian audiobook publisher Bolinda will release The Providence Rider and The River of Souls on CD and MP3 CD on February 1, 2021, and April 1, 2021, respectively. These are the Audible productions narrated by Edoardo Ballerini.

The cover art for The River of Souls has not been released yet. With these releases, all of the Matthew Corbett books published so far will be available on CD and/or MP3 CD.

The Providence Rider can be ordered from Book Depository now. They offer free worldwide shipping. Pre-orders for The River of Souls should go up in the coming weeks.

The Providence Rider on MP3 CD from Book Depository

The Providence Rider on CD from Book Depository


New fan artwork from Craig Purdon and Alexander

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Nov 302020

Artists Craig Purdon and Alexander have sent in new artwork. Craig sent in two sketches of Usher’s Lodge from Usher’s Passing, while Alexander submitted an illustration of Lord Cornbury from The Providence Rider. You can see these and much more artwork in the Fan Artwork gallery.

Craig Purdon

Usher’s Lodge by Craig Purdon (1 of 2)


Lord Cornbury by Alexander


Free Halloween treat for German readers from Luzifer Verlag

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Oct 232020

German publisher Luzifer Verlag has released a Halloween treat for German readers! They’re offering a free ebook download of the Matthew Corbett short story “Death Comes for the Rich Man.” The story was originally included in the Subterranean Press limited edition of The Providence Rider, and it can also be found in the German translation of that book, Matthew Corbett in den Fängen des Kraken.

For English-language readers, the story will be included in the planned short story collection Seven Shades of Evil, but that likely won’t see print until 2022.

Here’s what Luzifer Verlag posted on Facebook:

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

die letzten Oktobertage stehen wie immer ganz im Zeichen von Spuk und Grusel, und wir freuen uns sehr, Ihnen in diesem Jahr in Zusammenarbeit mit Robert McCammon eine wunderbar klassische #Spukgeschichte präsentieren zu können, in der nicht alles so ist, wie es den Anschein hat …

Die Kurzgeschichte DER TOD ERSCHEINT DEM REICHEN MANN um “Problemlöser” Matthew Corbett können Sie sich als eBook jetzt #GRATIS für einen gemütlichen und gruseligen Leseabend herunterladen. Wir wünschen schaurige Unterhaltung!

Hinweis: Alle Freunde des gedruckten Wortes finden diese Kurzgeschichte auch in der aktuellen Print-Ausgabe von Matthew Corbett in den Fängen des Kraken

Download link: https://bit.ly/31BU7zA


German translation of The Providence Rider coming in September 2020!

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Jan 292020

Luzifer Verlag has announced the publication date for their German translation of The Providence Rider. They’ll release Matthew Corbett in den Fängen des Kraken on September 30, 2020. The cover art can be seen below.

Matthew Corbett in den Fängen des Kraken at Luzifer

Dec 082019

The Donald Maass Literary Agency has announced the following new translation rights deals for Robert McCammon novels.

These will be the first translations of each book published in those countries. Presumably, these editions will be published in 2020 or 2021.

Other upcoming international editions planned include:



The Providence Rider is returning to print!

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Feb 072019

Subterranean Press has announced that they are reprinting The Providence Rider in trade hardcover! Copies have been scarce lately and command high prices, so this reprint, along with their recent reprint of Mister Slaughter, is very welcome!

Copies are expected to ship in April 2019.

Pre-order The Providence Rider from Subterranean Press

Pre-order a signed copy of The Providence Rider from Alabama Booksmith

Here’s the Subterranean announcement:

We’re happy to report that Robert McCammon’s The Providence Rider is returning to the world with a small trade hardcover reprint. We’ve seen copies of this entry in Matthew Corbett’s adventures climb in price on the secondary market, and wanted to offer a bit more reasonably priced alternative.

The Providence Rider remains my favorite of the Corbett novels, as McCammon gathers an extensive cast of cutthroats and bad-doers under one roof, then drops Matthew right in the middle.

About the Book:

The Providence Rider is the fourth standalone installment in the extraordinary series of historical thrillers featuring Matthew Corbett, professional problem solver. The narrative begins in the winter of 1703, with Matthew still haunted by his lethal encounter with notorious mass murderer Tyranthus Slaughter. When an unexplained series of explosions rocks his Manhattan neighborhood, Matthew finds himself forced to confront a new and unexpected problem. Someone is trying-and trying very hard-to get his attention. That someone is a shadowy figure from out of Matthew’s past: the elusive Professor Fell. The professor, it turns out, has a problem of his own, one that requires the exclusive services of Matthew Corbett.

The ensuing narrative moves swiftly and gracefully from the emerging metropolis of New York City to Pendulum Island in the remote Bermudas. In the course of his journey, Matthew encounters a truly Dickensian assortment of memorable, often grotesque, antagonists. These include Sirki, the giant, deceptively soft-spoken East Indian killer, Dr. Jonathan Gentry, an expert in exotic potions with a substance abuse problem of his own, the beautiful but murderous Aria Chillany, and, of course, the master manipulator and “Emperor of Crime” on two continents, Professor Fell himself. The result is both an exquisitely constructed novel of suspense and a meticulous recreation of a bygone era.

Trade Hardcover Edition: $45

Here’s a bit of praise for the novel from Publishers Weekly:

“Problem-solver Matthew Corbett’s past comes back to haunt him in McCammon’s intriguing fourth historical thriller (after 2010’s Mister Slaughter). Shanghaied in 1704 from Manhattan to Pendulum Island, the Bermuda home of his nemesis, criminal mastermind Professor Fell, Matthew is tasked with finding out who among Fell’s criminal confederates is leaking to England Fell’s plans to sell a devastating new type of weapon to the nation’s European enemies. Once again, McCammon provides a colorful and well-researched depiction of colonial America, enlived by a rogues’ gallery of well-drawn characters. Hair’s-breadth escapes and the teasing promise that characters who appear to have been disposed of might resurface in future adventures make this a rollicking good yarn.”


Crossroad Press: Non-U.S. ebook The Providence Rider is now available!

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Jul 312017

In May, we announced that Crossroad Press is publishing ebook editions of several Robert McCammon novels in the UK, Europe, and other regions not controlled by the U.S. Until now, all of the books published by Subterranean Press have only been available in ebook form in the U.S. and Canada.

The Queen of Bedlam was released to those markets in May, and Mister Slaughter and The Hunter from the Woods were released in early July.

Now The Providence Rider joins them! Coming soon: The River of Souls.

The Providence Rider:

Oct 062014

Subterranean Press has created “ebook bundles” for several of their authors, providing two ebooks for $9.99, which is less than buying the individual books at regular price. You can read more about the bundles on the Subterranean Press website.

There are three Robert McCammon ebook bundles currently available:

Clicking on the images below will also take you to the Subterranean Press product pages for the bundles.


Vampire_Classics_by_Robert_McCammon_Large Matthew_Corbett_Bundle_Number_One_by_Robert_McCammon rm-horror-classic


Mar 312014

A few deals have been signed recently for various audiobook and international editions of Robert McCammon’s work:

  • As we mentioned last week, Audible will be releasing an unabridged audiobook of The River of Souls on May 31, 2014. The book will be narrated by Edoardo Ballerini, who narrated the other Matthew Corbett books for Audible. The River of Souls will be published in limited, trade hardcover, and ebook editions on May 31, too.
  • GraphicAudio will be releasing their audio adaptation of I Travel by Night in late summer 2014. GraphicAudio productions have a narrator, a full cast, music, and sound effects.
  • As we mentioned in February, Audible will be releasing unabridged audiobooks of The Wolf’s Hour and The Hunter from the Woods later this year.
  • German publisher Festa will be publishing a two-volume German translation of Swan Song in early 2015. This edition will be unabridged. The previous German release in the early ’90s was abridged.
  • Festa will also be publishing a two-volume German translation of The Wolf’s Hour in late 2015 or early 2016. This will be the first German translation of the book.
  • It appears that Russian publisher AST will be publishing Russian translations of The Providence Rider in April June October and The Five in July 2015.

Robert McCammon’s The Providence Rider at 50% off

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Dec 122012

From Subterranean Press:

We’re out of the trade hardcover edition of Robert McCammon’s historical thriller, The Providence Rider. To celebrate, and possibly make it a great holiday gift, we’ve very temporarily cut the price of the Deluxe Signed Trade Hardcover and Signed Limited Edition in half, to $17 and $62.50, respectively. This offer will not last long, and our supply of both editions is not infinite, so please take advantage if you’re interested.

To read more about The Providence Rider and to place your order, click here.