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News and Updates Archive -- 2007

12/31/07 — New Boy's Life review

12/29/07 — New audio interview and review

12/15/07 — BookGuide staff recommendation

12/12/07 — Fears Mag's Best

12/10/07 — New Audio Interview

  • A new audio interview with Robert McCammon is available for download from The 56-minute interview is the latest episode of David's Book Talk, conducted by David English. You can download the MP3 directly by clicking here. Thanks, David! (The interview will remain on their front page until December 16, at which time it will be moved to their archives.)

11/30/07 — More Bedlam reviews

11/27/07 — Literacy Council writeup

  • Today's "Living" section in The Birmingham News includes a brief report on the recent Literacy Council event with Robert McCammon. You can read the article on their website.

11/26/07 — New McCammon interview

11/22/07 — New Russian book


  • Film director Frank Darabont still hopes to get a film version of Robert McCammon's MINE made. In a new interview with SCI FI Wire, Darabont talks about his future projects. Here are the MINE-relevant bits:

    Darabont Mulls 451 Remake

    Writer-director Frank Darabont told SCI FI Wire that he's considering remaking Fahrenheit 451 and doing a film based on Robert McCammon's SF novel Mine, among other options for his next project. Darabont (the upcoming The Mist) said that Fahrenheit 451, based on Ray Bradbury's classic SF novel, is closest to becoming a reality.


    Mine, meanwhile, is Robert McCammon's psychological horror tale about a deeply disturbed female 1960s revolutionary who kidnaps a baby, goes on a killing spree and sparks a desperate chase. "That is also in the works," Darabont said. "We're working on that, too. That is an intense and primal thriller. It's a female-driven thriller, which is perhaps one of the reasons that it's not an obvious 'yes' for a studio. The hero and the villain are great women's roles, and studios kind of have to be talked into that thing, because it's not the obvious to them."

    — Ian Spelling


  • Today's issue of The Huntsville Times includes an article entitled "Which books speak to you over and over?" The author, the editor of the Arts section of the paper, writes about Robert McCammon's novels and includes some quotes from a recent phone interview with McCammon. Thanks to Joe Howe for the link!


  • As of today, Robert McCammon is about 60 pages into the writing of the third Matthew Corbett novel. The planned title is Mr. Slaughter, and he hopes to have it finished in February 2008.

  • WBHM 90.3 FM, Birmingham's public radio station, conducted an interview with Robert McCammon for their Tapestry program. The topics of discussion are The Queen of Bedlam and Boy's Life. You can listen to the interview on the WBHM Tapestry website. You'll find both the aired interview and an extended interview there.

  • An interview article about Robert McCammon, entitled "Back in the game" and written by Alec Harvey, will run in Sunday's issue of The Birmingham News. You can read the article on their website.

  • The Birmingham News also has this writeup about the 14-NOV-2007 Literacy Council event in their "Social Scene" section.



  • We have two winners! Elton Porter and Robert Ballantyne were the names pulled from the hat by my daughter. Out of 404 entries, they've each won a signed hardcover copy of The Queen of Bedlam. I've emailed both of them to get shipping addresses. Thanks for participating, and sorry I didn't have more to give away!


  • On Wednesday, November 14, 2007, Robert McCammon will be featured in a Signature Series fundraising event for the Literacy Council of Birmingham, AL, which promotes literacy in Central Alabama. From the Literacy Council website:

    On Wednesday, November 14th at 6:30 PM, meet best-selling author Robert McCammon at the home of Chandler and Jane Paris Smith. Signature Series events feature America's most fascinating authors at private cocktail receptions in Birmingham's most dazzling homes.

    Robert McCammon is the author of Boy's Life, which is required reading in 75% of high schools in America. McCammon is a wonderful hidden gem, living right here in Vestavia Hills. His latest novel, The Queen of Bedlam, set in 1702, is a sequel to the 2002 award-winning Speaks the Nightbird. In The Queen of Bedlam, a magistrate's clerk becomes involved in the hunt for a serial killer.

    As this is a fundraiser, tickets must be purchased. Click here for ticket information.



  • Photos from Robert McCammon's recent signings have been added to the Photos page.

  • A new article in Screen Magazine about Frontsight Productions' new sound studio, Templar Sounds, includes this tidbit about their planned film version of Robert McCammon's "Blue World":

    And if that isn't a big enough project, Nehs has some film work going on through Frontsight Productions, as well. The feature Blue World, which is based on the book by Robert McCammon and directed by Rivkin, is scheduled to begin shooting late this fall, but Nehs says this time frame might be delayed until January due to actor availability. Nehs says Blue World will be completed from start to finish right here in Chicago—with the post and scoring taking place at Templar Sounds.


  • The October 26, 2007, issue of Entertainment Weekly includes a capsule review of The Queen of Bedlam. You can read the review here (warning: mild spoiler!).

  • Italian publisher Gargoyle Books will be publishing an Italian translation of Mystery Walk in February 2008! The hardcover book, titled La Via Oscura, is pictured below.

  • French publisher Albin Michel has just released a new trade paperback edition of Le Mystère du Lac, which is a translation of Boy's Life. The cover is pictured below.

    Italian MW French BL


  • My local Barnes & Noble has The Queen of Bedlam on the shelves now, and if they do, pretty much every other place should have them now, too!

    New Arrivals table
    The Barnes & Noble "New Arrivals" table in Bowling Green, KY


  • In September 2006, Robert McCammon addressed a Florida school board that was considering banning Boy's Life from a local high school library. The text of Robert McCammon's address was made available late last year, and now a video of the address is available on YouTube (or, if you prefer, you can choose to download audio-only MP3s). Many thanks to Mary Dysart for sending me the video.

    MP3 audio files of McCammon's presentation:




  • Here are the events in which Robert McCammon will be participating at Bouchercon on September 28 and 29:

    Panel discussion: The History MysteryFriday 2p
    SigningFriday 3p
    Author's ChoiceSaturday 1p


  • I've created a standard-size banner that you can use to link back to this web site or that you can add to your signature when posting to forums, if you'd like. Simply right-click on the image and choose "Save image as..." to save it to your system, or you can link it to it using this URL:



  • Robert McCammon will be appearing at the Hoover Public Library in Hoover, AL, on November 1, 2007. There will be a presentation, reception, and booksigning. See the Signings page for full details, including the phone number for reservations.

  • Bev Vincent has posted his review of The Queen of Bedlam. His thorough review reveals some of the plot, so read it at your own risk. You can read Bev's review by clicking here.



  • Robert McCammon will be attending Bouchercon 2007 in Anchorage, Alaska, September 27--30, 2007. He is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion about historical mysteries.

  • For those of you who like to plan ahead, Robert McCammon also plans to attend the 2008 Southern Kentucky Book Fest in Bowling Green, KY, April 18--19, 2008.


  • Publishers Weekly has posted its starred review of The Queen of Bedlam. The reviewer calls the novel "spellbinding" and says that McCammon "brilliantly captures colonial New York." The review does contain some mild spoilers, so read it at your own discretion. You can read the review on the Publishers Weekly website, as well as on the The Queen of Bedlam page here.

    Thanks to Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press for letting me know about the review.

  • In addition to the hardcover and trade paperback formats, Pocket Books will also be releasing The Queen of Bedlam as an ebook. You can order the ebook by clicking here.


  • Frontsight Productions has issued an update about their planned movie adaptation of Robert McCammon's novella "Blue World." The update states that much of the cast will be announced at the beginning of September. Click here to read the update!


  • The Robert McCammon website has been moved to a new host system. The URL for the Discussion Forum has changed, and the forum software has been upgraded. If you see any missing images, have problems logging into the forum, or see anything else unusual, please let me know.


  • The Scheduled Signings page and the box above have been updated to include details about Robert McCammon's planned in-store signing appearance at the Alabama Booksmith on October 23, 2007.



  • Here's the description of Robert McCammon's The Queen of Bedlam, taken from the advance reading copy of the novel:

    A richly atmospheric, labyrinthine new novel from bestselling author Robert McCammon, whose epic masterwork of colonial witch-hunt terror, Speaks the Nightbird, was hailed by Sandra Brown as "deeply satisfying...told with matchless insight into the human soul."

    Now the hero of that spellbinding novel begins a stunning adventure as a young law clerk in eighteenth-century New York, where a killer wields a bloody and terrifying power over a bustling city carving out its identity.

    The unsolved murder of a respected doctor has sent ripples of fear throughout a city teeming with life and noise and commerce. Who snuffed out the good man's life with a slash of a blade on a midnight street? The local printmaster has labeled the fiend "the Masker," adding fuel to the volatile mystery ... and when the Masker claims a new victim, earnest, hardworking Matthew Corbett is lured into a maze of forensic clues and heart-pounding investigation that will test his natural penchant for detection and inflame his hunger for justice.

    In the strangest twist of all, the key to unmasking the Masker may await in an asylum where The Queen of Bedlam reigns ... and unlocking her secrets will lead Matthew to not only the answers he seeks but chilling truths he cannot escape.

    Pre-order the hardcover edition of The Queen of Bedlam!

    Pre-order the TPB edition of The Queen of Bedlam!

  • The trade paperback re-release of Speaks the Nightbird should be hitting stores this week. The big online bookstores are all reporting that it's in stock now. Buy the TPB edition of Speaks the Nightbird!


  • The Robert McCammon Bibliography has been expanded to include audio recordings created by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.













  • Still waiting for news about a publisher for The Queen of Bedlam....

  • Sometime in the next couple of months, I'll be doing a new interview with Robert McCammon, and this time, you have the chance to ask the questions! Email your questions for Robert McCammon to [email protected]. I can't promise that all questions will be asked, answered, or published, but I'll try. When the interview is posted here, credit will be given for each question; if you have a question but would prefer to remain anonymous, just say so in your email. And feel free to send in multiple questions.
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