Jul 272009

Hi everyone,

I wanted to check in and again say thank you for your comments and observations. I believe I mentioned to you guys last time about how much I value your presence, so I thought this time I would talk a little bit about the new book and some other things coming up.

First off, I’m on track to finish the new book in September, and I’m really looking forward to that because it’s so intense. I’m into my late night work now, staying up until five or so in the morning most days. If you don’t know, the book is about a rock band on their final tour across the Southwest who decide to end their “run” together by writing a communal last song. I can’t say the name of the book because it’s also the name of the band, and I don’t want that getting around just yet.

It has a strong supernatural element, but I can’t really say it’s “horror,” unless you consider the horrific things people can do to each other. I’ve been interested in music pretty much all my life, particularly in the retro keyboards and combo organs of the ’60s, but this book is set in 2008 and hopefully does a good job of illuminating the day-to-day (or gig-to-gig) trials and tribulations of working bands. One thing, the language is very rough, really a lot rougher than I’m used to writing, but I think it’s true to life.

I’m actually writing some “songs” for this, which is also something I’ve never done. Well…lyrics for songs, that is. Writing in the voices of people in their mid-twenties instead of my real age has been a challenge, too. But, hey, a writer has to be something of an actor, too, so I put that down to necessary stagecraft.

Another interesting thing is that I’ve needed to come up with a lot of fictitious names for bands, though I do reference many real ones. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought I had come up with a cool band name nobody else could’ve conjured, and then I go to Google to check it and…WHAM!…there’s a real band with that name.

Anyway, a September finish for that one. Here’s something I’ll throw at you from the book: Stone Church. (Not the title nor the name of any band in the book).

As I understand it, there’s a January pub date for Mister Slaughter from Subterranean Press. The artwork that’s going to be in there is awesome. Bill Schafer of SP gave me the opportunity to suggest one more piece of art than was initially slated to be in there, and I hope I picked out a good one. (At least it sure does look good to me!)

I’ll have to spill the hotspur peas and tell you that Matthew does survive Mister Slaughter, though I can tell you it’s a close-run item. In fact, he survives it to appear again in the following book (title can’t be revealed yet) that begins in New York and goes to one of the Bermuda islands. I’m currently researching the fascinating subject of underwater diving suits, diving bells and such in the early 1700s. Did you know that somebody had already built a working submarine by 1620? It was powered by twelve oarsmen, the oars sealed up against the inrush of water by tight leather sleeves.

I’ll be starting this book probably in February. After that, I’m planning on doing another more modern book (well, set in the 1930s) that takes place in New Orleans. Then back to Matthew again.

So, I just wanted you guys to know what’s coming up. I appreciate so much the comments and well-wishes, they are very much needed sometimes around four in the morning.

Thanks for checking in with the website!

Robert McCammon
July 27, 2009


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