Apr 252011

A brand-new short story by Robert McCammon will appear in an upcoming anthology honoring author Ray Bradbury.

Publishers Weekly: Deals the week of 4-25-11

Bradbury, Revisited
Ray Bradbury biographer (and former PW Midwest correspondent) Sam Weller sold his third book about the sci-fi author, Live Forever: An Anthology of All New Stories in Honor of Ray Bradbury. Agent Judith Ehrlich brokered the deal for Weller, selling world English rights to William Morrow’s Jennifer Brehl at auction. Bradbury is writing the introduction to the book, and Weller is co-editing the title with Mort Castle.

Robert McCammon’s story will appear in the book, along with contributions from Neil Gaiman, Audrey Niffenegger, Joe Hill, Alice Hoffman, David Morrell, Tom Monteleone, Lee Martin, Ramsey Campell, Dan Chaon, Harlan Ellison, and many more. The book is expected to be published in Summer 2012.

Author Lee Martin blogged about his story and provides more background information about the title of the anthology: Live Forever: Ray Bradbury and what it takes to make a story.


  3 Responses to “New McCammon short story to appear in Bradbury anthology”

  1. I like it! My favorite Author in the company of such greats as Ellison, Gaiman, and Campbell. Is there going to be a Limited Edition?

    • Um…if so, how about a regular edition for those of us who just want to read this stuff….limited editions are great, and I would collect them all, but I can’t really afford them at the moment. I will be happy to have a normal copy in my hands…

  2. A regular trade hardcover is what Morrow will be publishing. There may be a limited edition at some point, but there definitely will be a regular trade.


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