Mar 302012

Robert McCammon talked and signed books at the Columbus Library in Salt Lake City, UT, last night (Thursday, March 29, 2012). Also appearing were Joe R. Lansdale, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jeff Strand, and Joe McKinney.  Thanks to Bill Cazer, we have some photos from the event.  More photos are expected soon….

Robert McCammon

Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jeff Strand, and Joe Lansdale

Robert McCammon, Joe McKinney

Robert McCammon and Bill Cazer

Robert McCammon signing books

Robert McCammon signing books

And thanks to Ryan Daley, here’s another photo that he posted to Twitter.

Sherrilynn Kenyon, Jeff Strand, Joe Lansdale, Robert McCammon, Joe McKinney


  2 Responses to “Photos from the Columbus Library signing in Salt Lake City”

  1. Robert McCammon, he is the best. Read Hunter from the Woods, the end just blew me away. Was not
    expecting that.

  2. Robert McCammon is my all-time favorite author! Why do I look so GRIM in these pictures?

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