Jun 062012

As you’ve no doubt heard, Ray Bradbury died earlier today. Robert McCammon posted the following on Twitter today:

Robert McCammon (@MacCammon)
6/6/12 7:40 PM

A sad day. Ray Bradbury was my writing hero. I loved “The Lake”. It brought me to tears and I wished I could create that same bittersweet emotion. But he wrote so many great things, and left such fantastic stories and characters…. Today the summer sun still shines and tonight the summer moon will glow…but the world is different—and a little colder—without him.

The photo below shows Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, and Robert McCammon. The three made an appearance at A Change of Hobbit bookstore in Santa Monica, CA, on October 23, 1988.

At A Change of Hobbit, Santa Monica, CA, October 23, 1988


  One Response to “Robert McCammon remembers Ray Bradbury”

  1. Great photo. 3 amazing authors. Dean and Robert look so young 🙂

    I was lucky to be able to have met Dean, his wife Gerda, and their dog Trixie before she passed a couple of years ago. I was working on a project with Bantam Dell and got to go to his home. Very cool. I’d love to meet you someday, Robert!

    Here is the photo from when I met DK – http://www.flickr.com/photos/d13vk/424472124/

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