Aug 152017

Cemetery Dance Publications has announced two new Robert McCammon signed limited editions and trade hardcovers!

We’re thrilled to report we have FOUR projects in the works with one of our favorite authors, Robert McCammon! Two of the books are being announced today and will be published at the end of October; a new novel will be announced in a few weeks and published in February; and a Limited Edition of one of his classic novels will be announced next year.

The two books being announced today are Tales from Greystone Bay and He’ll Come Knocking at Your Door, and the signed Limited Editions of these books are expected to sell very, very quickly given the high demand for McCammon’s collectible editions!

PLUS: For a few days only, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on both of these titles to US addresses, so now is the perfect time to place your order!

Note that Tales from Greystone Bay collects three McCammon short stories, and He’ll Come Knocking at Your Door is a heavily-illustrated short story. These are not new novels. For full details on both books, visit the Cemetery Dance website:

Cemetery Dance: Tales from Greystone Bay
Cemetery Dance: He’ll Come Knocking at Your Door

Both limited editions sold out around 6 PM ET on August 15, 2017. There are plenty of trade hardcovers still available.


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