Dec 202017

The new Humble Book Bundle, A Galaxy of Stars in Sci-Fi & Fantasy, includes the ebook editions of Robert McCammon’s The Wolf’s HourBoy’s Life, and Swan Song.

If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, it’s a collection of various items—books in this case, but there are also comics bundles, games bundles, and others—that you buy at a price you set while benefiting charities at the same time. Pay a higher price than the average, and you get more items. Pay more than a set price, and get even more. This Humble Book Bundle also includes works by Harlan Ellison, Greg Bear, Octavia Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin, Elizabeth Lynn, and others.

You can see all the books included in this bundle by visiting the Humble Bundle website.

As with all Humble Bundles, customers can choose how their purchase dollars are allocated, between the authors and charity. This Humble Book Bundle supports DirectRelief and Worldreader.

The details from their site:

The Humble Book Bundle: A Galaxy of Stars in Sci-fi & Fantasy by Open Road

Sometimes you just need a little space. Take some time for yourself to explore new worlds in this science fiction & fantasy bundle! You’ll find flights of fancy from Ursula K. Le Guin, Patricia C. Wrede, Greg Bear, Octavia E. Butler, and many more. Some of the stories deal with pretty dark matter, but if it’s any constellation, remember that once you star-t to read, you just might meteor new favorite author!

Pay what you want. All together, these ebooks would cost over $297. Here at Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle! This bundle has a minimum $1 purchase.

Read them anywhere. These books are available in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats, meaning you can read them anywhere at any time. Instructions and a list of recommended reading programs can be found here.

Support charity. Choose where the money goes – between the publisher, Open Road, or the charities, Direct Relief and Worldreader (via the PayPal Giving Fund). If you like what we do, you can leave us a Humble Tip too!

The Humble Book Bundle runs for two weeks and ends Wednesday, January 3, 2018, at 11 a.m. Pacific time.


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