Jun 302019

The most recent newsletter from Borderlands Press included this paragraph:

Special Note:

Series III is almost completely sold out. It’s not too late to subscribe to the entire series of great Little Books with some upcoming writers such as Ramsey Campbell, Robert R. McCammon, Caitlyn Kiernan, and others to be announced. To set up your subscription, Contact us at [email protected].

If you’re not familiar with the Borderlands Press Little Books, they are a series of little books featuring a variety of content from the authors. Some are collections of new short stories, some collections of reprints, some collections of essays, etc. Each book is a different color. Titles include A Little Purple Book of Phantasies, by Gahan Wilson, and A Little Cobalt Book of Old Blue Stories…and Stuff, by Mort Castle.

There are no details yet on the Robert McCammon book, but I can tell you that he plans to write four new short stories for the book. I’ll provide more details when I can.

A subscription to the series is not necessary. The Robert McCammon book will be sold individually, and Cemetery Dance posted that they will have copies available for sale, too.


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