Jan 152020

As we previously announced, Robert McCammon will be the Literary Guest of Honor at Chattacon 45 in Chattanooga, TN, the weekend of January 24–26, 2020. The schedule for the weekend has been posted, and the scheduled Robert McCammon events are listed below.

Friday, January 24:

  • 5–5:50 — Pros Reception: Come meet and greet our guests while enjoying a selection of hors d’oeuvres and beverages. McCammon, Hunter, Gay, BVD This event will conclude at 6:45.
  • 7–7:50 — Opening Ceremonies: An introduction to our guests and the official start of the convention! Sessoms, McCammon, Hunter, Gay, BDV

Saturday, January 25:

  • 11–11:50 — Author Signing: Robert McCammon
  • 12–12:50 — Remembering the 1980s Horror Boom: The Netflix cable series Stranger Things has romanticized horror in the 1980s, but what was it really like back then? Return with us to the glory days of printed paper fanzines and VHS “video nasties,” when Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone was resurrected as both a TV show and a newsstand magazine, and authors such as Robert McCammon, Whitley Strieber, Peter Straub, and Charlie Grant were hailed as “the next Stephen King.” Nicoll, McCammon, Webb, Antczak
  • 2–2:50 — A Reading from Guest of Honor: Robert McCammon. Award winning author Robert McCammon will read a sample of his work (author’s choice), followed by a short Q&A with the audience.
  • 5–5:50 — Historical Thriller: Matthew Corbett, Professional Problem Solver. With the latest release of Cardinal Black, there are now seven books in the popular Matthew Corbett series. Join GOH Robert McCammon as he discusses the world of Mattew Corbett and the future of the series.

Sunday, January 26:

  • 1–1:50 — Bullet or Boogeyman?: Has the current world, with mass shootings, nuclear tensions and climate disasters, become scarier than the horrors we imagine? Or does it provide fertile ground for new terrors? McCammon, Nicoll, Antczak, Mills

I presume there will be many opportunities to get books signed after each of these sessions.


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