Feb 122020

One of my favorite websites to frequent is Flashbak, which specializes in posting photos of all kinds of things from the past. Their slogan is “Everything Old Is New Again.” A recent post about Mexican pulp art looked like something Robert McCammon would enjoy, so I sent him the link. He wrote back and asked me to post the link. He said:

“I’ve always enjoyed Mexican horror films. In fact the first horror movie I ever saw (on TV) was a wickedly scary Mexican flick that I remember had something to do with a condemned criminal who found himself being reincarnated and going through the same hanging over and over again. Anyway, he had a beast-like makeup and to a little kid it was a real fright-fest. This art to me speaks to what has always been the bizarre and nightmarish (though oddly beautiful) nature of the Mexican horror film.”


Attack of the B-Pictures: Bold, Brilliant and Bizarre Mexican Pulp Art


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