May 202020

Amanda Desiree sent me this a while back. Mr. McCammon asked me to post it on the site, and I’ve finally gotten around to doing so (sorry for the delay, Amanda!). She wrote:

In anticipation of Leprecon (originally slated to begin later this week), about a month ago, I started working on a folk song parody about Boy’s Life based on “My White Bicycle” by Tomorrow. I finished the song, and since the con isn’t happening now, I thought I’d share it here.

I go riding past the lake
Where I saw a man die before the sun was awake
From the barber shop and the library
To the baseball fields and the cemetery
On my red bicycle, my red bicycle

Here in Zephyr you’re apt to find
A few things that might stretch your mind
Like a dinosaur at the traveling fair
Or boys and dogs flying through the air
And my red bicycle, my red bicycle

Vernon Thaxter never wears a stitch
Nemo’s got one heck of a pitch
And Gordo Branlin’s really gonna itch
Thanks to my red bicycle, my red bicycle

A Lady powerful and wise
With magic flashing from her green eyes
Speaks to Old Moses in the river deep
And to spirits that call out in her sleep
She gave me my red bicycle, my red bicycle

The Candystick Kid wins every gunfight
Space invaders travel in a ball of light
A phantom dragster races through the night
Can’t catch my red bicycle, my red bicycle


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