Dec 172020

From 1989 to 1991, I published six issues of Lights Out! – The Robert R. McCammon Newsletter. Five of those issues have been available to download as PDF files from this site for years, but the last issue was a subscriber-only issue—copies weren’t sold by book dealers at the time, and it’s been difficult to find. Now, 29 years later, we’ve decided to make a PDF of that issue available as our holiday gift to you!

Issue six was published in October 1991 and is most notable because it contains a lengthy excerpt from The Address, a novel about a house in Hollywood that Robert McCammon abandoned in 1990. In a preface to the excerpt, he describes the book, what it would have been, and why he gave up on it. The issue also includes a lengthy interview with Robert McCammon that I conducted. That interview has long been found in the Interviews section of this site, but you might enjoy seeing it in context.

So download the file, kick back, and enjoy reading a Robert McCammon piece that most readers have never seen before!

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!



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