Catfish Book Festival video with Robert McCammon and AJ Coleman

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Mar 022019

Robert McCammon was a Featured Author at the 2019 Catfish Book Festival in Athens, AL.

The Athens-Limestone County Public Library broadcast a Facebook Live video for the writer panel, “Apocalypse and You,” featuring speakers Robert McCammon and AJ Coleman. The video below differs from the video on Facebook in that the audio levels have been boosted.

If you prefer to just listen to the panel:


New international rights acquired

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Aug 182018

A couple of international rights deals were recently made:

Boy’s Life has been previously published a few times in France.

This will be the first Bulgarian edition of Swan Song. Iztok-Zapad previously published Boy’s Life in 2013.

I would expect that it’ll be at least a year before either edition is published.



More news

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Aug 162018

Some news since yesterday:

– The limited edition of Cardinal Black is now sold out! There are a handful of lettered editions remaining. As of this moment, there are still copies available at Subterranean Press.

– There are fewer than 25 copies of the limited edition of Usher’s Passing still available!

– Audible will be producing an audiobook edition of Cardinal Black!

– Finally, Swan Song is included in this NPR list of “100 Favorite Horror Stories”!


Click If You Dare: 100 Favorite Horror Stories
In honor of Frankenstein’s 200th birthday, this year’s summer reader poll is all about horror — from classics like Mary Shelley’s monster to new favorites, we’ve got something to scare everyone.


Another huge Amazon US Kindle sale on Robert McCammon ebooks

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May 112018

Once again, Amazon U.S. has lowered the prices of ten Robert McCammon Kindle ebooks for today!

Blue World is sale-priced at $1.99. All the rest are sale-priced at $2.99 each.

Amazon US: Robert McCammon Kindle books

Speaks the Nightbird (2002)
Matthew Corbett #1

Gone South (1992)

Boy’s Life (1991)

MINE (1990)

Blue World (1990)

The Wolf’s Hour (1989)

Stinger (1988)

Swan Song (1987)

Usher’s Passing (1984)

Mystery Walk (1983)

Coming to MP3 CD: The Listener and MINE

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Apr 032018

Brilliance Audio will release MP3 CDs of the audiobooks of The Listener and MINE in May. The Listener will be released on May 22, 2018, and MINE will be released on May 29, 2018.

On March 22, we announced the MP3 CD releases of StingerMystery Walk, and Usher’s Passing. You can read more about them here.

Ordering links for all of the Robert McCammon audiobooks and MP3 CDs can be found on the Audiobooks page.

The Listener
Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK

Audible pre-orders for The Listener and Stinger

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Jan 302018

Earlier this month, I reported about upcoming audiobook releases from Audible.

Two of the audiobooks are available now for pre-ordering:

The Listener, narrated by Marc Vietor

Stinger, narrated by Nick Sullivan

Update on 16-FEB-2018:

Mystery Walk, narrated by Nick Sullivan

The Listener will be released on February 27. Stinger, Mystery Walk, and Usher’s Passing will be released on February 20. MINE will be released on March 28.

Aug 152014

Robert McCammon’s The Five includes the lyrics for a song by The Five entitled “When The Storm Breaks.” Dave Drowley was inspired by those lyrics to write and perform this song, with help from Karl Percy and Darren Hardstaff. The lyrics for the song are included below. The song can be found on YouTube.

“When The Storm Breaks”

Lyrics by Dave Drowley, based on lyrics by Robert McCammon

I was raised to think
I was red white and blue
I was raised to do
What I was told to do
Somehow in that time
I never did ask why
It’s young men like me
Who go to kill and die

When the storm breaks
And the rain begins to fall
And the mighty laugh
With a howllow cat call
We’ve got money for oil
You got battles to fight
And the heroes come home
In the dead of night

And it’s coming around again
What are we fighting for
Yes it’s coming around again
Why do we always need a war

I’m not saying this world
Should always get along
Won’t pretend it’s alright
When I know it’s all so wrong
But I do believe that war
Makes some men very rich
So many of them love
That wicked bitch

I was walking down the street
The sun was burning hot
Minding my own business
To have or to have not
Thought I heard a rumble
Might be thunder in the sky
Or the discontent
Of a stranger passing by


This was someone’s child
This was someone’s dream
I hope they bury them
Where the grass is green
When the storm breaks
and the lightning tears the sky
the rain falls down so hard
why those left behind just cry

I was raised to think
That my country’s always right
I was always told
to fight the good fight
Somehow in that time
I never questioned why
The gods of war control
Why my friends go to die.