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News and Updates Archive -- 2006


  • BOY'S LIFE cover On September 19, 2006, Robert McCammon traveled to Florida to address the Hernando County School Board, which was convening to determine whether or not to ban Boy's Life from the local high school library. In the end, the board voted to allow Boy's Life. McCammon spoke before the board that night and wanted to share his comments with you. Click here to read Robert McCammon's address to the school board.

  • L'ora del Lupo, an Italian translation of Robert McCammon's The Wolf's Hour from Gargoyle Books, hits stores in Italy on November 20, 2006.

    TWH Italian cover

BLUE WORLD teaser #1 11/08/06

BLUE WORLD teaser #1 11/06/06


  • Babbage Press will be releasing a new trade paperback edition of the classic anthology Silver Scream, originally published by Dark Harvest in 1989. Silver Scream includes Robert McCammon's "Night Calls the Green Falcon." The cover for this new edition has been added to the Book Cover Gallery. The book can be pre-ordered from Shocklines, which offers free shipping.

The Queen of Bedlam 10/11/06

  • Robert McCammon has completed The Queen of Bedlam!!

    Robert McCammon has completed his work on The Queen of Bedlam, the followup to 2002's award-winning Speaks the Nightbird. He traveled to New York last week to turn the book over to his agent. There is no publisher lined up yet, but as soon as there is more information, it will, of course, be posted here!

SANCTUARY teaser #2 10/01/06



  • Tampa-area newspaper Hernando Today published another article about the challenge to Boy's Life and several other books. Apparently, the fate of Boy's Life on the shelves of the school library will be decided on Tuesday night (19-SEP-2006). Click here to read the full article.


  • There will be an update on The Queen of Bedlam soon....

  • Back in May, we reported that Robert McCammon's coming-of-age novel Boy's Life was in the news again with another challenge to its inclusion in a school library, this time in Tampa, FL. Today's St. Petersburg Times reports that a school board subcommittee decided to keep Boy's Life, along with 8 others of the 10 challenged books. Their recommendations will be forwarded to the superintendent and the school board.

    Here's the Boy's Life excerpt from the article:

    Boy's Life, Robert McCammon's thriller about a 12-year-old growing up in Alabama in the 1960s, came in for some of the most passionate discussion.

    Two committee members—[Betty] Harper [(principal at Hernando High School)] and Francine Ward of Mid-Florida Community Services—said they were on the fence and couldn't vote to recommend its purchase, even though Ward described it as a good read and said its use of profanity "was not the predominant language" throughout the 600-page book.

    But Mary Dysart, the Nature Coast librarian who made the book order but did not serve on the committee, said its description of small-town life merited comparison to Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.

    "I was reading sections of this to my husband in bed," said Kershner, praising McCammon's writing. "I was so glad I read this story."

    You can read the entire article on the St. Petersburg Times web site.

  • Scans of three more non-U.S. editions have been added to the Book Cover Gallery: the UK paperback edition of Post Mortem, another German paperback cover for The Night Boat, and a later-printing UK paperback edition of They Thirst.




  • Troy Palmer has contributed another illustration he created. This one was inspired by The Wolf's Hour. You can view all of Troy's art in the Fan Artwork Gallery. Thanks, Troy!

    Palmer TWH art

  • The 2006 SESFA Award for Lifetime Achievement went to Jack McDevitt. Robert McCammon was one of four nominees. For more information about the awards, visit the SESFA web site.


  • Auburn University teacher Marian Motley-Carcache has given her permission to reprint an academic essay she wrote in 1990 entitled, "The Call of the House of Usher: The Poe Element in Robert McCammon's Usher's Passing." You can read the essay here. Thanks, Marian!


  • The cover for the 1988 German translation of Mystery Walk has been added to the Book Cover Gallery.

    German MW



  • Robert McCammon is still hard at work on The Queen of Bedlam. He hopes to have it completed soon.

  • BhamWiki is a new site that's striving to document Birmingham, AL, and its residents. There is an entry for Robert McCammon that features a nicely-written biography.

  • The winners of the 2006 SESFA Awards, for which Robert McCammon is nominated for Lifetime Achievement, will be announced at Trinoc*con on July 22.

  • Russian publisher ACT has published a translation of Speaks the Nightbird. The cover, shown below, has been added to the Book Cover Gallery.

    Russian STN


  • has published an article about Frontsight Productions which mentions the Blue World movie they're producing. Two corrections from Michael Nehs, the subject of the article: "The studio is not 'Frontline', and I was the CFO, not CEO, at Strata." The article reveals that the Blue World movie has a budget of $2.5 million.


  • Boy's Life is in the news again with another challenge to its inclusion in a school library, this time in Tampa, FL. For more information, see the Hernando Times web site.




  • Robert McCammon continues writing The Queen of Bedlam. He now hopes to have it completed in early summer.

  • SANCTUARY teaser #2 Michael Nehs of Frontsight Productions has posted a brief Blue World update. Blue World, formerly titled Sanctuary, is the planned film version of Robert McCammon's novella "Blue World." For more information, see the Blue World Movie News page.

  • The cover of a new Russian paperback edition Blue World has been added to the Cover Gallery. Like the other recent editions, this one was published by ACT in 2005.

    Russian BW






  • Robert McCammon continues work on The Queen of Bedlam....

  • The cover of yet another Russian translation of They Thirst has been added to the Cover Gallery. This one was published by Menop in 1993 and, according to a Russian friend of mine, is "an atrocious translation."

    Russian TT






  • SANCTUARY teaser #2 Michael Nehs of Frontsight Productions has posted a brief Sanctuary update. Sanctuary is the planned film version of Robert McCammon's novella "Blue World." For more information, see the Sanctuary Movie News page.

  • On June 2, 2005, the Kansas City Star reported that the use of Boy's Life in a local high school was being challenged by a local parent. On January 23, 2006, the Kansas City Star website reported:
    The Blue Valley school board this evening ruled against parents who had sought to remove three books from the district's communications arts curriculum.

    The books are Boy's Life by Robert McCammon, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, and The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy.


    Boy's Life was upheld on a 5-0 vote in which [board member Dan] French recused himself because he had not read the book. One board member was absent.

    You can read the entire article by clicking here (registration required).



  • Happy New Year! Robert McCammon continues to work on his next novel, The Queen of Bedlam.

  • Russian publisher ACT continues to reprint new editions of some of McCammon's books. The covers for these new editions of Boy's Life and Bethany's Sin have been added to the Book Cover Gallery.

    Russian BOY'S LIFE cover Russian BETHANY'S SIN cover
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