Apr 162011

A review by Mark Justice from Pod of Horror #64, 12-APR-2011

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“Finally, we have The Five, the new novel from Robert McCammon. Any new McCammon work is noteworthy and a cause for celebration. But The Five is also McCammon’s return to contemporary fiction. The Five chronicles the last tour of the titular rock band. As they travel the southwest in a broken down van, their manager and keyboard player announce they’re leaving the group. After a surreal encounter with a mysterious young woman, the band decides to write one last song together. At the same time, a troubled veteran becomes convinced that he must kill The Five. Whether he’s crazy or under the influence of a vast and dark power is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. The possible supernatural element is mostly relegated to the background of The Five. It informs the story without detracting from the rich tale of the traveling musicians and the tragic events that lead to their final show. Ultimately, The Five is about the wellspring of creativity and the enduring power of art, told with incredible skill. McCammon’s love for music shines through on every page. I defy anyone to read The Five and not come away feeling changed for the better. If McCammon had not written Boy’s Life, I wouldn’t hesitate to say this is his best novel ever. It’s a book I’m sure I will return to again and again.”


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