May 032011

Robert McCammon — THE FIVE Update and Review

The Five

The latest review of The Five, Robert McCammon’s epic Rock and Roll supernatural-tinged thriller comes from Bibrary Bookslut, who is very much impressed with the novel: “Although there are aspects of the novel that remind me of many of his earlier works, it’s his classic Boy’s Life that most often came to mind while reading The Five. Both are rather subtle tales, relying upon anxious tension and ongoing mystery to feed the horror, as opposed to outright gore and terror. The story touches gently upon the supernatural, exploring the same themes of good versus evil that McCammon has so deftly dealt with before, but leaves the interpretation to the reader. Depending upon how one chooses to read it, this can either be a novel about the all-too-human pain within our hearts, or the inhuman fury and deception that haunts the fringes of imagination…or both.”

The trade edition of The Five is done and ready to ship to our warehouse. We’re working to schedule Mr. McCammon’s visit to sign and inscribe copies for customers. In the meantime, we’ll be filling orders from our large wholesale and online retail accounts with unsigned copies, so you may see those become available before the signed copies ship.

Finally, if you want an inscribed copy of The Five, we’ve extended the deadline to the end of the day, May 6, 2011.

Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 9:07 am.


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