May 162011

Robert McCammon’s new contemporary novel, The Five, will soon be available (some Amazon pre-orders have already been shipped).  If you’d like to help promote The Five, here are image files for bookmarks and a “shelf-talker” (when printed and folded in half, the “shelf-talker” can be inserted under books on a shelf in a bookstore, with the bottom half of the image displayed).  The files are 300 DPI images, suitable for high-quality printing.  If you can print these and take them to bookstores, conventions, etc., for distribution, that would help spread the word of the book’s release.

Thanks to Vincent Chong for the use of his artwork and to Dave Ballard, who put these together!

Bookmarks for THE FIVE Shelf-talker for THE FIVE

If you can’t see the images above, you can right-click on the URLs below:

Download the bookmarks
Download the shelf-talker


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