Jun 182011

The August 2011 issue of Sci Fi includes a great review of Robert McCammon’s The Five by Adam-Troy Castro.  You can click on the image of the review page or click here to read the review in full, but it includes these lines:

…there is sustained, well-modulated characterization of even the fleeting characters…. There is an extended visit to the mother of one hard-bitten band member who is so artfully composed during her few pages on stage that she lives and breathes more vividly than some characters other authors labor and sweat over, for entire novels. ….There are tour-de-force passages, describing the sheer joy of playing before an audience, that are masterful set-pieces of evocative prose.  …The Five is a raucous, horrific, hilarious, sensuous, wild, and above all emotionally riveting ride, teeming with passages that you’ll want to read again.

The page also includes a review of Steven R. Boyett’s Mortality Bridge, which was also published by Subterranean Press.


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