Jun 222011
T-shirts for THE FIVE

Sample T-shirts for THE FIVE

Thanks to Vincent Chong for the use of his logo for Robert McCammon’s The Five, we’ve created some logo T-shirts to help promote the book.  All of the shirts have The Five band logo on the front in either black or red, depending on the color of the shirt.

The purpose of the shirts is simply to help promote the release of The Five. In order to keep the costs down, no profit is made from these shirts; the prices shown are the actual costs of the shirts from Spreadshirt.com. A variety of shirt types, colors, and sizes are available.

Robert McCammon T-shirts at Spreadshirt.com

Note that the printing and shipping of the shirts is handled entirely by Spreadshirt. In my experience, it takes about 7 to 10 days for U.S. orders to be delivered.


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  1. Just ordered mine today, about two minutes after I finished the amazing book. It’s going to be my new t-shirt to wear to live shows.

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