Sep 212011

Several updates from the past couple of weeks:

  • Japanese illustrator Kazuki Tamada has contributed another piece of artwork inspired by The Wolf’s Hour. You can view a larger version of his art, as well as see his other illustrations, by clicking on the image or here.
  • Publishers Weekly has posted a great review of the Subterranean Press edition of Robert McCammon’s first novel, Baal. You can read it on the PW site.
  • Robert McCammon recently finished signing the tip-in sheets for The Hunter from the Woods, which Subterranean Press is about to send to the printer for its November publication.
  • Mel Odom posted a superb review of The Five on his Bookhound blog.
  • A post about the Matthew Corbett series was posted over on Wisdom of Bookmonkey.
  • Author Laraine Herring posted one reason that Boy’s Life is so effective.
  • A fantastic new review of Boy’s Life was posted on Right2Left.

Stay tuned for some exciting news about Robert McCammon ebooks!


  One Response to “New fan art, Publishers Weekly on Baal, other reviews”

  1. Mr McCammon,
    I’m a huge fan especially of the Corbett books & the Wolf’s Hour.
    You were in fact turned on to me by an EX girlfriend…& just might be the best thing that came out of
    that relationship lol.
    I find myself often rereading sentences or paragraphs that you write simply because I marvel at the near perfect poetic description you convey.
    Is there an address I can send a SASE & autograph request to ?

    Sincerely Yours,
    Michael K. McCarthy
    Bartlett, Illinois

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