Apr 282012

There are a couple of new international editions of Robert McCammon’s work coming out. A few vintage editions have also been added to the Book Cover Gallery, along with the cover of the ARC for the upcoming Bradbury tribute Shadow Show; it’ll be out in July 2012. Click on an image below for a larger version of the image.

  • Polish publisher Wydawnictwo Papierowy Księżyc is releasing a new translation of Boy’s Life, which sports some fantastic new cover art. A website has been created to promote the release: robertmccammon.pl
  • Russian publisher Eksmo has released a new hardcover edition of Usher’s Passing.
  • A 1997 French book, La Grande Anthologie du Fantastique (Tome 2), included McCammon’s “Yellowjacket Summer”.
  • A 1996 Czech anthology, Hlas Kvre (Voices of Blood), included McCammon’s “Nightcrawlers”.
  • A 1997 Czech magazine, Ikarie, included McCammon’s “The Miracle Mile”.
  • The HarperCollins trade edition of Shadow Show includes McCammon’s new story, “Children of the Bedtime Machine”.

And finally, a few recent McCammon-related links:




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  1. I might have exaggerated just a wee bit to add humor in my blog. It was an amazing experience to finally meet Mr. McCammon and I am a huge fan. And I promise, only slightly creepy 🙂

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