Mar 042013

New reviews of Robert McCammon’s upcoming vampire novella I Travel by Night are showing up around the ‘net.

Rick Kleffel’s Agony Column says:


For all the literary skills that McCammon brings to the novella, the most important is his ability to put them all together with a sense of fun. Yes, he takes his characters and his world seriously, but there’s a devil-may-care attitude at work here as well. ‘I Travel By Night’ knows precisely what it is and it hits that target so easily that readers might not notice all the perfectly-aligned pieces of the puzzle. ‘I Travel by Night’ is bound to make you smile — and wish that you had fangs to smile with.

Peter Schwotzer on LiteraryMayhem writes:

With his first foray into Horror in many a year, Robert McCammon further cements his status as one of the best authors of this or any generation.


For those of you horror fanatics who remember when Mr. McCammon reigned supreme in the horror genre and for those who have not yet experienced Mr. McCammon’s horror roots this book as a must and I give it my highest recommendation.

Rick Kleffel has also posted a new 4 1/2-minute podcast with excerpts from an interview with Robert McCammon. You can read more about the podcast and download it here, or you can just download the MP3 here. The full audio interview will be posted soon.


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