Nov 142013

Robert McCammon’s The Five will be released in paperback by Tor on November 26, 2013!

After finishing the novel, Mr. McCammon wrote the lyrics for a song called “Darkest Night” and collaborated with the band Dorean Lives to bring the song to life.

The video below features Robert McCammon discussing The Five, as well as the music video for “Darkest Night.” Please feel free to share the video far and wide! It can be found on YouTube:

Video directed by Chuck Hartsell.

Darkest Night

Lyrics by Robert McCammon
Copyright © 2013 Robert McCammon

I had a dream and I was wide awake
I sat there thinking of the choices you make
To rise or fall, that’s what it’s about,
To keep going, and I started to shout,
Every darkest night must give way to the dawn,
Every lost soul must keep searching on,
Every wrong love must fight to be right,
Everyone must live through their own darkest night
I’ve seen a lot since the day I woke up,
Been through the fire, drank from a poisoned cup,
But I’m still here and I plan to remain,
In the old world that can make you insane
I search for beauty, it’s hard to find,
Walking through shadows to leave darkness behind,
It’s a hard old world when nothing feels right,
Gonna find a reason to keep fighting the fight
Through the darkest night
The darkest night
Through the darkest night
The darkest night…


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