Nov 042020

Cemetery Dance has updated their production page to include this information about their limited edition of Usher’s Passing:

The printer is on schedule with a delivery date of very late December for the books. Reminder: this Limited Edition will still need slipcases made, which can take up to 14 weeks. Our slipcase maker is already working on an “approval case” based on estimated sizing generated by the printer. As soon as we have the first finished book, we can use that approval case to confirm the sizing. If the sizing is correct, the slipcase maker can then start rolling right away. We will post the publication date the moment it is finalized, but spring 2021 is looking very likely. Thank you for your patience!

The limited edition was announced in 2018 and has been long sold out, though I’m sure copies will be available on the secondary market once it has been published.

If you haven’t seen them, Cemetery Dance has posted the interior art pieces by Vincent Sammy on their Usher’s Passing page:

Usher’s Passing at Cemetery Dance


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