Mister Slaughter reprint coming soon from Subterranean Press

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Sep 242018

Subterranean Press posted this announcement this morning:

We (and the author) have noticed that one of the earlier Matthew Corbett novels has been bringing in high prices on the secondary market, making it inaccessible to general readers, so have decided to reprint the trade hardcover of Mister Slaughter. This reprint will not be huge, so if you’d like a copy, please get your order in.

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $40

The book will also be available through Cemetery Dance:

Mister Slaughter reprint at Cemetery Dance


Cardinal Black is coming!

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Aug 152018

From Cemetery Dance (mild spoilers below; bigger spoilers if you haven’t read through Freedom of the Mask!):

Cardinal Black by Robert McCammon
The Next Thrilling Matthew Corbett Adventure!
Featuring Cover and Interior Artwork by Vincent Chong!

Hi Folks!

More big news this month for Robert McCammon fans! We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be publishing his new novel, Cardinal Black, which is the latest installment in his incredible Matthew Corbett series! (Don’t worry if you haven’t read the series yet, this novel is a terrific stand-alone read, too. McCammon really balances the story for both die-hard fans of the series and new readers!)

About the Book:
Cardinal Black is the newest installment in Robert McCammon’s unique series of historical thrillers featuring Matthew Corbett, professional problem solver, who has been called “the Early American James Bond.”

December 1703 finds Berry Grigsby living as Mary Lynn Nash in a small Welsh village where she has fallen victim to Professor Fell’s involuntary drug experiments. Her mind is quickly deteriorating under the drug’s influence, and the only way to save her is a potion book that was stolen in an attack on the village orchestrated by a mysterious madman going by the name Cardinal Black.

Matthew Corbett has volunteered to travel with Julian Devane, a self-proclaimed “fool and bad man” in the employ of Professor Fell, to hunt down the potion book. They follow the trail to London, where the book will be sold at a secret auction. Matthew and Julian manage to secure a seat at the auction by masquerading as respected and feared underground operatives, but to prevail in their high-stakes mission, they will require help from a very unlikely source. Even if they are successful, their race to save Berry Grigsby will leave a trail of destruction in its wake.

Cardinal Black is another extraordinary achievement from one of America’s most skilled authors, and it features some of the most memorable, compelling, and chilling characters in the Matthew Corbett series to date, each with their own competing agendas. This masterful historical adventure is perfectly balanced for long-time fans of the series and new readers alike who are now joining the adventure.

CLICK HERE to purchase this product


AudioFile’s 5 Questions with Edoardo Ballerini

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Apr 032018

AudioFile Magazine’s Five Questions with Edoardo Ballerini, who brilliantly narrates the Matthew Corbett audiobooks. From the article:

“Robert McCammon’s SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD shows American colonial life in all its brutal glory. Edoardo’s perfect portrayals—a fire-and-brimstone preacher, a woman accused of witchcraft, a young magistrate’s clerk—earned him an Earphones Award and a spot on the Audies shortlist. This is a story of secrets and fear and a small community trying to set down roots in a strange new world.”

5 Questions with Edoardo Ballerini – AudioFile Magazine Blog

Candace asks Edoardo Ballerini 5 questions about his life and shares 5 audiobooks he narrated in his characteristically silky smooth narrative voice. His wide range of accents and engaging characterizations will get you lost in the story, whether it’s an Italian historical or thrilling mystery.


Matthew Corbett und die Königin der Verdammten

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Feb 282018

German publisher Luzifer Verlag has posted the pre-order pages for Matthew Corbett und die Königin der Verdammten, their German translation of The Queen of Bedlam. As with Matthew Corbett und die Hexe von Fount Royal, the book will be published in two editions. The most-excellent covers by Michael Schubert are shown below.

Book One will be released on June 30, 2018, and Book Two will be released on October 31, 2018.

Matthew Corbett und die Königin der Verdammten Band I

Matthew Corbett und die Königin der Verdammten Band II


Matthew Corbett Art from Vincent Chong

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Feb 062018

Vincent Chong posted this on his blog this morning:

A while ago I posted a sketch I did for an idea for one of the interior pieces for Freedom of the Mask, by Robert McCammon, which was ultimately unused.  A fan of the Matthew Corbett series saw the sketch and ended up commissioning me to produce the finished art based on it.  Here’s the result.


Videos from the Alabama Booksmith: Robert McCammon discusses his books

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Dec 022017

Robert McCammon stopped by the Alabama Booksmith in Birmingham, AL, on Friday, December 1, 2017, to, among other things, talk about some of his books. The Booksmith has added nine videos to their YouTube channel.

You can watch the YouTube playlist for all of the videos here, or follow the individual links below.

The Alabama Booksmith carries signed copies of all of Robert McCammon’s in-print books, most of them at the original publisher’s prices. You can see what they have in stock on their website.


Crossroad Press: Non-U.S. ebook editions of Freedom of the Mask now available!

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Oct 202017

In May, we announced that Crossroad Press would publish ebook editions of several Robert McCammon novels in the UK, Europe, and other regions not controlled by the U.S. Until now, all of the books published by Subterranean Press have only been available in ebook form in the U.S. and Canada.

The Queen of Bedlam was released to those markets in May, and Mister SlaughterThe Hunter from the WoodsThe Providence Rider, and The River of Souls followed over the summer.

Now Freedom of the Mask joins them! Coming in the months ahead: The Border and the Trevor Lawson books.

Freedom of the Mask: