Jun 232010

Robert McCammon will be a guest at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, from October 22–24, 2010. While the conference is geared toward writers, there is a signing event that’s open to the public on Saturday, October 23, 2010, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.

This year, Mr. McCammon is scheduled to conduct two workshops and to particpate in a panel discussion.


  • Page One
    Speaker: Robert McCammon
    Time: Friday 1:30pmHow to (really) get started. What do you need? How far along do you need to be on an outline or plot? Time to stop wasting time and get started on your writing project…but exactly how? And how important is Page One, anyway? That’s what we’ll be covering. (Come prepared to write in class).


  • An Eye and an Ear For Dialogue
    Speaker: Robert McCammon
    Time: Sunday 9:30amDialogue can make or break any writing project. How do you know it’s any good? Learn to see good dialogue on the page as well as hear it in your head. Come prepared to write in class.


  • A Sense of History
    Moderator: Jeffery McGraw
    Panel: Anne Perry, Jack Whyte, Robert McCammon, Diana Gabaldon
    Time: Friday 3:30pmWriting historical fiction poses unique challenges and offers unique rewards. Our panel gives some insight into the process of crafting stories set in the past that appeal to modern readers.

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