Jul 152010
  • The Italian website ThrillerCaf� has posted a new interview with Robert McCammon regarding the recent release of Mary Terror (MINE) from Gargoyle Books. An English version of the interview can be found here.
  • A review of Mary Terror was recently posted to the Italian site Ca’ delle Ombre. A translation of the review via Google Translate can be found here. Here is a quote from the review:

    “Perhaps the most beautiful and complete novel by Robert McCammon never published in Italy, Mary Terror has an intrinsic message of rare beauty and magnificence….”

  • Author Bob Ford recently posted an open letter to Robert McCammon on his blog. Magic Among Pages describes his thoughts after recently reading Boy’s Life for the first time.
  • Publishers Weekly recently posted a profile of Subterranean Press that mentions the release of Mister Slaughter as an ebook.
  • The website E-zine Articles recently posted a new review of The Queen of Bedlam: A Summer Must-Read: The Queen of Bedlam. Here is a quote from the review:

    “Again, Robert McCammon showcases his versatility and amazing talent in crossing genres directly into a suspense novel. This page turner is set in early Eighteenth century Manhattan. There is a serial killer on the loose and Matthew must find him. Then, the book morphs into a journey of… rich characters, hairpin turns, unexpected surprises, and a bunch of ‘wow, who would have thought that.'”

  • Author Alison Kent blogs about Swan Song and concludes with:

    “Bottom line, McCammon is an incredible storyteller. There’s a reason this book is still in print twenty-five years later. I loved it!”


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