Oct 132010

Subterranean Press posted the following update on their site today:

Robert McCammon’s mix of WWII and lycanthrophy, The Wolf’s Hour, done up in true epic fashion, will be out sold out on publication. We just received a huge batch of retail and wholesale orders that push our total copies ordered somewhere north of 900 copies, and there are only 750 copies in the print run!We plan to fill direct orders first, then those of our regular small specialty dealers. Finally, the large accounts will get copies, and some may find their orders cut back, especially as we haven’t received the rush of orders we expect from the limited edition’s strong Publishers Weekly review.

Remember, in addition to the novel proper, which features a number of full-color plates by Vincent Chong, The Wolf’s Hour also contains a brand-new 36,000 word Michael Gallatin novella, “The Room at the Bottom of the Stairs,” bringing the book up to 680 pages.


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