Nov 022010

Subterranean Press posted this update on their site today:

We’ve just received the shipping notification from our printer that the first two advance copies of Robert McCammon’s werewolf classic, The Wolf’s Hour, are en route to our offices. We have orders for more than 1100 copies of the limited edition—the print run is only 750— so we will not be able to fill orders for any of our large online retail accounts.

To guarantee yourself a copy, your best bet is to place a direct order at this point. As a reminder, our edition includes not only the novel proper and a number of full-color plates by Vincent Chong, it also features a brand new 36,000 word novella, “The Room at the Bottom of the Stairs.”

Finally, be on the lookout for an announcement concerning McCammon’s epic (over 180,000 words) thriller with a supernatural backbeat. We have some really nifty promotional ideas for The Five that we think will make it an even bigger treat for Ricks many fans.


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