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Robert McCammon traveled to Troy, MI, on June 6, 2011, to sign and inscribe copies of his new novel, The Five, at the Subterranean Press warehouse.  Over the course of two days, he signed over 1600 copies of The Five, plus about 80 copies of Mister Slaughter.  If you order The Five directly from Subterranean Press, you will receive one of these signed copies.  Photos by Hunter Goatley.  Thanks to the great folks at Subterranean Press for putting out such a beautiful book and for being such gracious hosts!

The first pallet of cases of THE FIVE

The second and third pallets of THE FIVE

Robert McCammon inscribing

Robert McCammon

Ready to be bagged....

And ready for boxing and shipping....


  7 Responses to “Signing The Five for Subterranean Press”

  1. Loving the behind-the-scenes photos. McCammon is still so handsome!

  2. Awesome pics! As Heather stated, I love the behind-the-scenes access. Also love keeping up with him via Twitter. He should’ve tweeted while he was signing…haha 😉

  3. A very handsome man. Thanks for the behind the scenes look at the signing. Just received my signed copy today (6/14/2011) here in Maine and I’m so thrilled. Boys Life has always been my favorite book and I can’t imagine anything changing that.

    Thank you Mr. McCammon for the inspiration and great reading you’ve brought into so many lives.

  4. Mr. McCammon is one of my favorite writers. I’ve reread more of his books than books by any other author. I’m a retired teacher. When teaching I would set aside the last 15 minutes of the day to read to my students. Boy’s Life and Stinger were 2 books that I read to them. Some of the students even bought the book on their own and read along with me. I just received The Five . I’m just finishing Mr. Slaughter now and I have my book club reading Speaks the Nightbird this month. I can’t wait to get their comments. THANK YOU.

  5. I just received the copy you inscribed to my wife and myself, and we are thrilled! Thank you so much for this… That’s a lot of books to sign, but we appreciate all the time and presumably cramped wrist you endured. I’ve been a loyal reader since first encountering Blue World in 1990 and am excited to see Subterranean Press’ upcoming reissues of your works. SP’s books produce freaking gorgeous editions, the perfect complement to the wonderful contents.

    All best,


  6. Just ordered my copy of The Five last night! I’m so excited to have another McCammon treasure on the way!

    When I was in 7th grade I bought Swan Song, the first book of Mr.McCammon’s that I’d read. Over the course of the past…23 years I have read and reread most of his/your books. Though I enjoy a small handful of writer’s work, never have I read any better stories than Mr.M’s. Excellent stuff – every bit of it. Love to see something put on screen, too, and any of them could be wonderful. (Though I have to admit that I’d especially like to see Stinger and/or the Matthew Corbett series done.)

    I’d love for him/you to make it to northern MN for a signing. Think “Duluth, Duluth, Duluth”…

  7. I’m very much looking forward to receiving my signed copy of “The Five” and reading it, though I wish you we’re doing a book tour in support of it and could visit with us fans as well to chat, personalize copies (I did not order mine thru Sub-Press unfortunately), take photos with the fans, and read excerpts from the book as well. Though if you decide to do a mini-tour there’s a nice little indi-bookstore here in the Houston area right up your alley called Murder By The Book that would be an ideal place for you, and may be familiar. But I understand these things cost lots of money and if you don’t have a major publisher supporting you it’s cost prohibitive, especially these days with our economy in turmoil as it is.

    I do have to add I very much support your decision to publish your new stuff and back catalog with Sub-Press and other small presses if you should so decide in short or long form. I truly believe these guys do much better work on behalf of the authors and fans as well with their limited editions and trades also, despite some of the priciness of the ltd’s. I’m well aware of your dissatisfaction with the bigs that led to your decision to take a hiatus from writing. And I very much applaud your decision to renew your writing career and come back to us fans, you have been truly and sorely missed.

    In closing, Swan Song remains one of my all time favorite books and is in my top five I’ve ever read. I believe it’s hands down better than SK’s “The Stand” and is ten times better; though I do have tremendous respect for the man and what he has done for genre fiction. Swan Song should also be made into a movie or mini-series either on the big or little screen. If the “SyFy” channel ever got their act together and put out some quality mini-series such as the Dune remake they did several years ago or so, it would be an outstanding mini with the same high production values utilized then. Better yet, I believe it is something that Frank Darabount should take on as a project or even Spielberg for the matter with the right screenwriter such as “Mr. McCammon” yourself; which goes without saying. Maybe this is something we could all hope for someday soon. Darabount’s “The Mist” was excellent despite some minor flaws, and he would do a tremendous job with Swan Song should he write the screenplay as well.

    And finally, I’ll agree with the ladies and say that you are “looking marvelous” as Fernando (Billy Chrystal) use to say, and looking happy and healthy also. Though I’m not of that persuasion myself. So don’t worry, I won’t be stalking you if you decide to come to Houston sometime soon. Lol…

    Thank you Robert for all the great books!

    All The best to ya’!

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