Jun 132011

Robert McCammon plans to attend the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in Surrey, British Columbia, October 21–23, 2011. An open-to-the-public signing session will take place Saturday evening. In addition to that, Mr. McCammon will be leading and participating in the following sessions:

  • Name It and Claim It

    Time: Saturday 10:30am

    Robert McCammon invites you to explore the idea of coming up with character, town and place names that have significance and resonance in your work.

  • Accurate Accents and Delicious Dialects

    Time: Sunday 9:30am

    In short, when to use dialect, when to lose it and how to tell the difference.

  • Genre Bending

    Time: Sunday 11:00am

  4 Responses to “Robert McCammon at Surrey International Writers’ Conference 2011”

  1. Not only is this conference the best in Canada I would argue it is the best period. I followed my book Grey Redemption to both the London Book Fair and Book Expo America this year and Surrey is better. I attended Roberts work shop on dialects and he is an awesome presenter. Having him and Slade together on a panel for genre bending. Wow! Make the time to attend it is money well spent.

  2. Hi Hunter,

    Any chance these lectures would be available after the conference in some form?



    • Hi, John.

      That’s a good question. I’ve been trying to find someone who can record them for me, either audio or video, but haven’t been successful yet.


      • Hopefully you’ll find somebody who could do that. I’ll happily pay to download copies or podcasts containing the lectures.

        Take care


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